Don’t worry that breast every month a few days female health network

support is the chest muscles, chest muscle exercise can prevent sagging, let the bust up. Women should have exercise aerobics, running, doing push ups and chest exercise, exercise can improve the chest muscles become fit, can promote the normal development of the chest, the breast tall and flexible.

exercise chest muscles

almost all women are not very satisfied with their breasts, breasts have always been so that women have been under pressure. The girls use breast massage techniques, but the effect is not obvious, in fact, the best time to breast enhancement, we should make good use of their own inherent resources, grasp the best period in the breast of each month, in order to obtain the ideal effect of breast read more

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Postpartum breast sagging serious how to do ‘s health network

5 correct feeding

(postpartum breast sagging serious how to do?)

bosom shrink drop do?

data survey said that more than 90% of women after childbirth and lactation will appear chest sagging, soft and elastic phenomenon. Some of their own little sister, postpartum is turned into an airport". Postpartum how to do to restore the fullness of the chest?

have a sagging chest?

4 massage breast

first in the diet should strengthen nutrition, high protein food to eat some soy milk and eggs, add more zinc, chromium and promote human sexuality and sexual function of the formation of important active elements. In particular, chromium, which can promote the absorption of glucose and other parts of the body into fat in the breast, breast fullness, so as to solve the problem of postpartum breast sagging. read more

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Do you know what are the causes of breast pain female health network

puberty is the beginning of a period of female students, this time there will be a lot of things that have never been before. For example, menarche, breast development, will be ready to think things in mind. But this time because of breast development, beginning with the feeling of pain. This does not need to worry too much, this is a normal physiological phenomenon.

after a sex life, the body structure of women and development a step forward, one of the most important development is the emergence of breast physiological changes, but if in the aspects of life are not met then will lead to breast congestion, and pain. read more

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Breast hyperplasia preventive measures health network

of pregnant and lactating mammary gland function is a kind of physiological regulation, therefore, timely marriage, breastfeeding is beneficial to breast; on the contrary, over the age of 30 unmarried women (women breast-feeding or less food) is easy to suffer from breast hyperplasia.

The main measures of

hyperplasia of mammary glands is the most common breast disease in women, and its pathogenesis and pathogenesis are related to endocrine disorders and mental factors. Not too much estrogen and progesterone or lack of coordination between the two hormones, and breast tissue can lead to overly sensitive to estrogen, breast hyperplasia and subinvollution occurrence. read more

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The study found that high fat diet increases the risk of breast cancer type specific female he

A new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute ( The

) suggests that high fat intake is associated with a high risk of certain types of breast cancer.

Italy Milan National Cancer Research Center, the researchers reported in the paper, the last century in 70s, people have put forward the risk high fat intake and breast cancer link between, but after the relevant research conclusions are in conflict with each other. Now, according to the estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 expression, breast cancer is divided into several subtypes, each subtype has a group of risk factors, they suspect it resulted in inconsistencies in the previous research results. read more

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Breast cancer prevention and treatment of high quality olive oil to help you ‘s health ne

"we had a large number of epidemiological studies, we now have the data to prove that the unique Mediterranean diet system can prevent cancer, heart disease and aging, the main person in charge of the research project, associate professor of Northwestern University in Chicago. Unfortunately, it takes a long time for the Americans to find their way into clinical practice. They can only use a few cancer cells taken from cancer patients. Next, we do experiments on animals before they can be used in clinical trials, and only after a series of processes can we recommend the widespread use of them. However, there is nothing to prevent the patient from starting to use more olive oil. read more

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Can you sexual intercourse during menstruation menstrual period sexual intercourse will be fem

menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon of each adult female every month, menstruation is actually a form of female detoxification, so when menstruation, female friends inside the body will appear the phenomenon of massive hemorrhage. Menstrual period is girls the most vulnerable period, so do strenuous exercise at this time a female friend had better not, so can sexual intercourse during menstruation?

can do sexual intercourse during menstruation, obviously the answer is absolutely not. If two people are really in love, it is best not to break the rule of love is to have some restraint. If it is a responsible man, of course, will not choose to hurt girls, and girls have to learn to take good care of themselves, during menstruation or quiet rest. read more

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