DRINK: Maxwell’s

first_imgThere are so many great things about this stalwart of student alcoholism that it’s hard not to be too gushing in one’s praise. Drinks are cheap, especially if you have a Maxwell’s club card, which gets you cocktails for £3.95 anytime you want. Sometimes, with sufficient cajoling and flirting, it’s possible to pick up a life membership card, allowing you the privilege of inexpensive drunkenness for the rest of your student career. You’ll want to chuck the card after that, for Maxwell’s is not a place for the over-25’s. Of course that just makes it all the better for those of us who are still under 21. Maxwell’s is fun and funky. Entry is free before 10 pm – or free all night with a membership card. Tip: don’t get there too late since it’s invariably packed out. You’ll want to get your place by the bar early (upstairs is usually quieter than downstairs), find a friendly barman and start ordering your cocktails. This should ensure you a good night’s boozing. Otherwise you’ll spend most of the night trying to order your drink rather than drinking it. That of course is the flip side of a great bar – everyone has joined you there. The choice on the Maxwell’s cocktail menu is good. They do the old classics and a whole bunch of new ones too. My absolute favourites are the Apple Bomb, Sex on the Beach and Long Island Iced Tea. At £3.95 a pop you can certainly get significantly merry for under twenty quid. The atmosphere in Maxwell’s is fantastic. Although it can get a little crowded, the ceilings are high enough that it never feels claustrophobic, and it is often possible to get a seat, with turnover fairly high. The music is fun: contemporary chart stuff, nothing heavy and not too loud to deafen. Maxwell’s has the added bonus of being a restaurant and bar in one. So, if you feel a little peckish at the end of the night, you could splurge on their delicious chicken fajitas instead of the kebab that normally finishes a night’s drinking.ARCHIVE: 1st week TT 2004last_img read more

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