The national 1% population sampling survey reporting platform direct reporting rate of Qinghai provi

In order to understand the sixth census in 2010 since China’s population changes in the quantity, quality, structure, distribution and living and other aspects of the situation, at 0:00 on November 1st, the province "1% national population sample survey work officially started, the survey collected a total of the province’s 396 towns (streets), 1997 villages, 1200 survey area about 300 thousand people involved. As of the morning of November 13th, the country’s 1% population sampling survey report submitted directly to the network reporting rate of Qinghai reached 98.58%. Currently, the investigation has entered a critical period of registration.

"only the data to engage in a solid, accurate, can calculate the county, state and province’s population do accurate and reliable in the later period, so as to provide scientific and accurate statistical information support for the formulation of national economic and social development planning." In November 3 to 6, director of the Qinghai 1% population sampling survey in 2015 office under the leadership of Wu Jie, the relevant personnel to the East Sea, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, Longhua Hui Autonomous County, Haidong City, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tongren County, the supervision and guidance of 1% population survey registration work. Check the household registration information and exchange work survey.

in Longhua Hui Autonomous County town of Zaba Rajang Beach village, the village more than half of the population are out of business Hand-Pulled Noodle hall, the number of births less thoroughly investigation, investigators seize the instructor and recent handling of the new rural cooperative medical insurance opportunity, smoothly combing and registered at birth, an increase of 6 over the baseline.  
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Xining industrial and commercial system to take effective measures to seize a large number of infrin

  since October, take effective measures to Xining City Industrial and commercial system, strengthen market supervision, to "six small" food establishments and food wholesale establishments and urban high concentrated rectification, seized a large number of infringement of beer. In mid October, according to a report from the masses, concentrate time and manpower, continuous fighting, in Lu Zhai Xining City Hospital No. 129, seized at the scene filled "pure ice Carlsberg" and "Budweiser" a total of 480 bottles of beer, capping machine 1, "pure ice Carlsberg" empty bottle bottle cover more than 2800. 2 fiber bags for filling the "pure ice Carlsberg" and "Budweiser" beer "iceberg Quan 08" 540 bottles of beer. In the above items seized at the same time, law enforcement officers to the beer market tracking, on the part of the entertainment city area raids, has also seized "pure ice Carlsberg" and "Budweiser" 1106 bottles of beer, worth more than 2 yuan, filed 3 cases, the case is under further investigation. read more

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The transformation of great concern into the power of action twelve on the study and implementati

earnest exhortations to keep in mind the mission, temper forward. General secretary Xi Jinping to visit our province is Qinghai’s largest development opportunities, fully affirmed the work of Qinghai General Secretary Xi, is a great inspiration to the people, but also a great encouragement to the cadres at all levels, we must seize the opportunity, exert positive action, as the great care of the General Secretary Xi into a powerful driving force officer entrepreneurship, to push forward the cause of Qinghai. read more

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Province to carry out the green bookmark action series of promotional activities

in order to guide me to save the children’s love of reading, reading good books, good reading, consciously resist the illegal publications, according to the national pornography Office of the unified deployment, the province pornography office in the "61" International Children’s Day is approaching, in order to protect the young children to carry out to help Tong Jiankang grow away from and resist harmful publications "as the theme of" green bookmark action "series of promotional activities. read more

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The province’s 39 provincial departments and units to achieve the enterprises credit information uni

Reporters from the provincial

Industrial and Commercial Bureau learned that, as of December 2nd, the province’s 39 provincial central departments and units to achieve the enterprises credit information collection and sharing and interoperability, to further deepen the credit supervision, laid the foundation for the construction of clear responsibilities, transparent and efficient things in the post regulatory mechanism.

to push forward the reform of the system of commercial credit system construction and social development in our province, the construction of credit information publicity system of state enterprises (Qinghai) as the support platform, and vigorously promote the enterprise credit information collection and sharing of interconnection, imputation integration the administrative and judicial organs and exercise the management function of public service departments to reflect the enterprise credit the information, efforts to build a new regulatory mechanism in the credit supervision as the core. read more

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Xining deployment of the sixth national census of urban residents in the Census Area

November 20th, the Xining Municipal Statistics Department to deploy the sixth national census work. Reporters learned that the current preparatory work has already started, the scope of all living in the administrative area of Xining population belong to the sixth national census, including resident population, resident population, household population in Xining and non Xining household population, population and foreign population.

the census is divided into four stages. This year from August to October 2010 for the preparatory phase of the census. At this stage, the statistics department will set up a leading mechanism and working mechanism, the census work plans, budget preparation, pilot census census, census division, census census of propaganda and mobilization, business training, account consolidation, population inventory thoroughly etc.. The census standard time is at 0:00 on November 1, 2010, the basic situation of the main survey of the population and households, including gender, age, nationality, education, industry, occupation, and migration, social security, marriage, birth, death, housing and so on. Identify the number of population, flow direction, employment, housing and other basic situation. Census of the implementation of the "land registration", the census taker to visit the site survey method. read more

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Xining annual performance appraisal people evaluation great efforts

reporter learned from the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the 2012 annual Xining county leadership and county cadres work target performance appraisal curtain. From December 10th to the end of the month this month, 8 assessment teams to the county and municipal units to carry out the annual performance appraisal.

this year, Xining will be the annual assessment adjusted to performance appraisal, showing four new changes. First, the comparability of evaluation is more prominent. This year the city in four districts and three counties, Party committee, government economic and social groups, and in six categories of evaluation, evaluation into 13 group sorting, over the years has often been rated as excellent appraisal in the key departments placed in the same group, do strong contrast. At the same time, the Party Organization Department as the examination departments only accept examination, no longer participate in the order of evaluation. read more

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Xining held a contract campaign

during the May Day holiday, sponsored by the provincial forestry department, the Provincial Wildlife Protection Association of Qinghai province thirty-first "contract" promotional activities held in Xining, promotional activities will end on May 12th.

it is reported that since 1981 to carry out the contract, the province’s forestry system and all levels of the wildlife conservation society in support of the community participation, adhere to the annual contract organization activities, every year to determine a theme of propaganda in the form loved by the masses, will focus on publicity and propaganda usually combine, focusing on the promotion of national the wild animal protection laws and regulations, the popularization of scientific knowledge of wild animal protection. read more

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Xining Local Taxation Bureau to carry out invoices with souvenirs

has 3452 consumers for souvenirs

not only can get the invoice scraping award, participate in the two draw, but also for souvenirs. Recently, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau to enhance the enthusiasm of consumers to regulate the use of invoices and invoices for taxpayers, from April 1st within the city to carry out the invoice by souvenir activities, as of April 13th, there are 3452 people in exchange for souvenirs.

do not invoice discount, do not send gifts invoices, in the face of such a good policy proposed by the merchants, some consumers do not ask for reimbursement invoices. In fact, the existence of such businesses tax evasion suspects. For example, the consumption of 125 yuan in restaurants, in accordance with the minimum tax rate of tax rate of 5.5%, businesses need to pay tax of $6.8, but the merchant discount will be subtracted from 3 to $5. read more

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mplementation of the province’s industrial and commercial registration system reform

In April 22nd, reporters from the provincial government information office held in Qinghai Province, the industrial and commercial registration system reform press conference was informed that, in order to further relax controls on the main market access, greatly reduce the threshold for the establishment of enterprises, but also right in the market, but also right on the main market, the establishment of a fair and open and transparent market rules, the province will be the reform of business registration system.

it is reported, to conscientiously implement the State Council on promoting the facilitation of business registration system, I formulated the "opinions" of the people’s Government of Qinghai Province on the reform of business registration system to promote the development of the province’s main market, realize the industrial and commercial registration, wide access facilitation goals, in accordance with the "convenient and efficient, standardized and unified, wide strict management" principle, our province’s industrial and commercial registration reform will be divided into twelve specific matters.

the cancellation of the registered capital paid registration system, subscribed registration system.

– to relax the conditions for registration of the registered capital, cancel the limited liability company, a limited liability company, Limited by Share Ltd, the minimum registered capital restrictions.

/ cancel the enterprise annual inspection system, to the annual report of the public system.

the relaxation of residence (place of business) registration conditions, as long as the applicant submit proof to the legitimate use of premises to be registered, will also allow according to a multi site and a photo multiple access".

the implementation of e-business license unified standard, identity authentication and electronic signature services for e-government and e-commerce.

– "after the first card photo to after the first photo card, to engage in production and business activities require a license, to the competent authorities for permission to hold a business license and related materials.

– relaxed business scope, mode of operation restrictions. Has not yet included in the national economic industry classification of emerging industries, can be approved in accordance with the application of the industry to express the use of emerging industry language business scope.

the decentralization of business registration jurisdiction. The registered capital of 50 million yuan or more enterprises can choose to register at the provincial administrative department for Industry and commerce or the territorial industry and Commerce Administration department.

– simplified registration procedures. That is, the implementation of the registration of the audit system. The application for the change of registration matters, the filing matters and the renewal of business license shall be handled directly by the window registration personnel.

– encourage individual businesses to upgrade. Where laws and regulations do not prohibit non-public enterprises to operate the industry and projects, allowing individual industrial and commercial households to operate, while encouraging the transformation and upgrading of individual industrial and commercial enterprises.
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