Li Jing not by conventional card to win confused lost to understand

in the eyes of ordinary people is the most intimate sister Li Jing in the television like entertainment, in the eyes of Li Jingze Electric is a special case of a lone, too "different" is such a complete absence of "businessman" characteristics, founded the Oriental popular media and Le bee network.

not according to the "conventional" brand of entertainment "two" sister

Li Jing in the entertainment industry for 20 years, is recognized as the intimate sister circle, regardless of age are called Li Jing "love sister jing". Li Jing in the "super visit", "very quiet distance" and other programs dare say the character of love by the audience, and interviewed by Li Jing’s guests are always lively and are brought into the conversation nirvana, Li Jing’s show is out every little bit to do. Li Jing is careless in TV and have a fine intellectual, television many years of hard experience and glamorous, and did not let her own side lost her honest and frank, generous and true, and let her large circle star became a friend liangleichadao. read more

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Explore the market space of China’s B2B how much

for inter enterprise transactions services integrated or vertical B2B type of Internet service providers in the number has been large enough, the service providers such as Alibaba, Netsun, HC, and China mainone network, network, Tootoo global chamber of Commerce, global resources, business case, Chinese manufacturing and global manufacturing integrated third party the electronic commerce in the forefront of vertical sites as well as for machinery, hardware, building materials, chemical, clothing, textile and leather industries, the first echelon and the second echelon was crowded. read more

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Online shop in March earned 70 thousand

EBay eBay to build cross-border trade network express

      in Shenzhen, engaged in the sale of small electronic goods, Mr. Sun, recently there are more and more leisure time and old friends to drink tea, and family gatherings. He is quite proud of the change in his life. You know, just 3 months ago, he was still the company’s backlog of inventory products was scorched by the flames. "3 months, not only to solve the inventory problem, driven by the abundant cash flow, but also for the company to open up new sales channels. This really is to spend money to do!" In many of the small and medium enterprises engaged in traditional international trade is facing development difficulties, the key to open the door to success is what?

      online transactions can save 5% to 10% of the cost of "let him.

      shortage of funds, lack of qualified personnel, market access and other issues are always bothering me, once the sales channels blocked, resulting in product backlog, is a fatal blow. We can’t wait for more time to wait." Mr. Sun said the voice of many small and medium business operators.

      with more than and 10 years of sales experience in overseas export of Mr. Sun claiming to develop a "crisis and business regulation thinking". He knows that their enterprises want to survive in the market competition, only continuous innovation in production and management mode of innovation, to create their own unique core competitiveness, the scale of the disadvantage into advantage innovation. To achieve this, the traditional international trade has been unable to satisfy him.

      a chance to surf the Internet, so that he will look to the network of cross-border trade in this emerging trade channels. "It’s a story about the network trade makes me click into place. This paper provides a statistical data, only the transaction cost, according to the U.S. "Forbes" statistics, 5% to 10% online transactions can save the cost, and can realize the transaction efficiency several times. It was a great temptation to me for the backlog of products."
      eBay eBay’s "free school" to express his network began running smoothly.

      Mr. Sun himself engaged in network trade experience vividly likened to "". He had little knowledge of e-commerce, and his account on eBay’s eBay site was the sign of his teenage son’s help. I choose the eBay eBay website, Mr. Sun to consider, eBay eBay is the only country able to provide direct international trade opportunities to individuals and enterprises of all sizes to users, and provide e-commerce platform full support for the user, eliminating a lot of customers for his pioneering menace from the rear.< > read more

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How can we chase and enjoy the special promotions every day

has been either the website or online, every day special offer seems to be their characteristics to attract customer service, is the special service, the achievements of outstanding commercial countless, also makes the industry development abnormal smooth, has now reached a mature stage, but with the rapid development of e-commerce, today we are going to ask three of the world, the future of the Internet business, our special offer every day this is starving to continue decide on what path to follow, or for profit and give up. read more

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How to make users trust your site 3

in addition to the third party qualification as far as possible reference to the third party web site or scanned pictures as evidence, just about the product, service or company background information, should also be as far as possible to prove.

on the web to boast of their products or services, most owners and businesses will do so. In order to further build trust, to all the real name you received on the site.

had a customer to provide a futures trading signal and advice through a paid membership website, which, of course, needs to prove to the potential members of his forecast the correct probability is how much can help members earn much money. Customers at his website not only lists the past year their trade figures, and results, also own all of the futures trading account to capture all on the Internet, even published his agent contact, doubt the company can contact his company, asked whether there is such a person, the transaction is true. In this way, users can not only see how good the owners say their services, but also to verify the fact that indeed. read more

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Electric leakage of personal information of consumers will be punished

Beijing News (reporter Liao Ailing) yesterday was 3· 15 international consumer rights day, by the State Administration for Industry and commerce to develop a violation of consumer rights and interests punishment approach formally implemented. Which provides that operators to disclose, sell or illegally provide consumers with personal information, will be punished.

at the same time, the commodity has opened shop "shall not be used as a reason to refuse to return, deliberately refused or delayed return will face a maximum of 500 thousand yuan penalty. read more

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The closure of Tmall website focusing on the training of rich nternet domain name flnet com

renamed China ( March 5th hearing, the recent news that Foxconn’s business networking officially launched, surprise is that the rich networking not in July 2013 has been officially launched before? This time, rich networking closed at the Tmall shop, seems to reuse the domain name


: Rich Internet

is a rich networking manufacturing giant Foxconn for the mainland launched a business platform, officially launched in July 2013, Foxconn attaches great importance to the platform, the more catch up with the purpose of Jingdong. Not long ago, rich networking closed in Tmall opened the shop, it is not difficult to see is to focus on building their own website. read more

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Sources said the domestic mobile electricity supplier trading treasure will receive 200 million inv


technology news March 14th afternoon message, according to the investment community, the domestic mobile Wuxi Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the sale of treasure") recently obtained a new round of investment, the investment amount of more than $200 million, investors including the Tencent, MTK and Sequoia Capital, the specific financing details unknown. Sina Technology at the time confirmed the trading treasure each other, not to say yes or no. read more

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VANCL the future will join the 3D fitting technology

news March 29th, Eslite assistant president Xu Xiaohui recently participated in the "electronic commerce and online marketing Roundtable said, Eslite future will join the 3D fitting technology and video.

Xu Xiaohui said, Eslite is not a pure clothing brand, we are more like user experience and achievements of the company, in this regard, we do a lot of work, mainly in the following three aspects:

first, the site, the site experience is very important. For example, we will have a special color editor, every day with clothes and computer screen contrast color, so that the color of clothing, including texture and computer display color and texture of the picture as much as possible. In addition, in the picture presented on many of the details of local processing, there will be a model wearing clothes, such as 3D technology fitting we are preparing for the application, a lot of foreign clothing B2C is widely used in video, the future we will join read more

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The import business sub health under the mode of tax package can go how long

"tax package", "import tax refunded", "milk for your tax package, good goods are not afraid of maternal and child tax", "beauty package bonded a special" distinctive slogan as businesses in the face of Xu in guest throws the slogan. From the April 8th import tax has officially landed more than half a month, the "positive list" and "supplementary list" have landed. Hugo in April 11th and April 25th two compared to the cross-border electronic business platform, many businesses have begun to gradually reduce the tax activities, even canceled before the "tax package" promotion. "Package tax", "tax return" follow-up weakness. read more

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