The CN domain name into micro blog open standard portal short domain name war

July 6th report: celebrity, Star Wars Battle for resources has not yet ended, micro domain resource battle began staged. Reporters learned that, in order to seize the business such as micro-blog and Sina, highland, Sohu, Tencent, micro-blog has been involved in many business sites have enabled CN short domain name, set off a new round of "micro domain" fight for resources, and the short form CN domain name micro-blog business has not only become the "standard", has become the focus of this micro the domain name "the battle for resources.

day before, the global giant micro-blog Twitter officially announced, will be in the summer using as the abbreviation of domain name. Experts said that the move is bound up round short domain name for micro-blog boom.

told reporters, many websites including Sina, Sohu, Tencent, have enabled short domain CN domain name as the entrance micro-blog business and domain URL shortening services, such as Sina and micro-blog are using, Sohu use the abbreviated short domain name and abbreviation short domain name for Tencent not only well-known portal website vertical financial website micro-blog service in the application of the acronym short domain name service, the well-known IT vertical website Zhongguancun online also enabled as short domain name abbreviation.

experts believe that due to the micro-blog web site and abbreviated URL phishing sites are easily confused, so micro-blog business must use more safe and reliable and credible global top-level domain.

              CN domain name or will become the focus of the battle of micro-blog domain name resources

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