The Motet Hits Boulder For Fox Theater’s 25th Anniversary Month [Photos]

first_imgOut of all the Fox Theatre 25th Anniversary shows I’ve seen this month, Friday’s Motet show takes the cake for the most packed crowd. The sold-out show on the Hill in Boulder was skyrocketing with energy from start to finish. Over the past year, the Motet’s line-up has undergone some changes, and the recent additions of Lyle Divinsky on vocals and Drew Sayers on sax has been nothing short of a blessing. The world-class Colorado funk band never ceases to amaze me, and consistently brings a high-energy dance party to any city they come to party down.A large amount of the material played last night was off the ensembles new album Totem, but there was no shortage of old songs and covers either. “Danger,” “Truth,” and “Know it Too Well” were some of the familiar highlights of the night, with a bouncing off the walls rendition of “Keep on Don’t Stoppin’,” which is off of their self-titled album from a few years back.My highlight of the evening was an unexpected and tasty cover of Prince’s hit “I Feel For You”. The crowd erupted, and the entire 625-person crowd was singing along, while boogying down with their friends and family. Dave Watts is an absolute machine on drums, with Garrett Sayers helping on the rhythm section on bass, and the pair were flawless and unstoppable the entire evening at their hometown throwdown.If you’re attending Fool’s Paradise in Florida later this month, make sure to catch this funky powerhouse for their performance at the beautiful St. Augustine festival. You can also check out photos from the evening below, courtesy of C. B. Klein. Load remaining imageslast_img

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