Connecticut’s Folk-Laced Funksters, Goose, Announces Extensive East Coast Tour

first_imgIf you haven’t heard of the funk-folk five-piece Goose hailing from Norwalk, Connecticut, you will soon. The group—composed of guitarist and singer-songwriter Rick Mitarotonda, keyboardist Kristopher Yunker, bassist Trevor Weeks, drummer Ben Atkind, and percussionist Aaron Hagele—has found a unique and captivating sound that is gaining traction across the U.S., combining catchy folk-inspired melodies with funky, danceable beats splashed with tinges of reggae, jazz, blues and rocks (it may sound like a bizarre combination, but trust us, it works).Goose’s extensive summer tour starts on May 31st in Baltimore, Maryland. From their the band will wind their way northward for a number of dates across New England, meeting up with Haley Jane and the Primates on June 2nd and The Nth Power on June 7th. By the end of June and into July, the group will dip south, marking Goose’s first sojourn into the Southeast market Across their tour, with multiple dates across Georgia, Florida, and North and South Carolina. The band will also perform at a number of festivals such as Soupstock, Mad Tea Party, Shadefest, Jerry Jam, Yasgur Road Reunion, and Disc Jam (where the group is featured as a band on the rise). As their summer tour winds to a close in August, Goose will start their month-long residency at the Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs, New York.Disc Jam 2017: From The Little Festival That Could To A Massive Summer AffairThis new tour comes on the tails of their debut album, Moon Cabin, which was recorded in a snowy New Hampshire cabin, mixed and mastered at the Factory Underground in Norwalk, and released early last year. Goose’s Moon Cabin gives listeners a good introduction into what the band is all about—pristine three-part harmonies, huge hooks, adventurous improvisational solos, groovy beats, and melodies that will find their way into your ear and stay there. If Moon Cabin is an introductory lesson, then fans should stay tuned as Goose has a new album in the works and should try catch ’em during this upcoming tour. For more information about Goose, their tour, or Moon Cabin, head over to their website here. You can also check out their upcoming tour dates below as well as listen to Goose perform “Arcadia” to get a taste of the funk-folk magic this group throws downlast_img

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