Pepsi in this year’s Super Bowl with high end mineral water against Coca Cola

‘s two big Cola giants have shifted from carbonated drinks to bottled water market


for many American brands, Super Bowl (Super Bowl) 30 second TV ads, it is contend with rival relative time. If you use the current popular Internet language to describe, then in front of the American 1/3 open tear. Pepsi Cola carbonated beverage brands from the beginning of 1995, at least 4 times in the Super Bowl advertising during the "liberties" of Coca-Cola. The story revolves around the room wearing Coca-Cola want to drink Pepsi’s story unfolds, general Pepsi wants to tell you one thing, Pepsi tastes much better than Coca-Cola.


Pepsi has been very love in the Super Bowl advertising with Coca-Cola

but Pepsi is not going to do it this year. According to the Wall Street journal, Pepsi Cola will introduce its new product in 30 seconds during the February 5th super bowl, a bottle of high-end bottled water called LIFEWTR. This advertisement is called Inspiration Drops, creative advertising for some creative works of art that drop from the clouds like rain, then the "attachment" in the building and pedestrian aisle. But it has not released the advertisement sample.

2017 Super Bowl 30 second TV advertising costs $5 million. Pepsi Cola to buy LIFEWTR 30 seconds of advertising time, but also reflects the company’s emphasis on high-end bottled water. In 2016, sales of canned water in the United States exceeded carbonated drinks for the first time. According to market research firm Euromonitor data, bottled water market share of the first brand for Coca-Cola’s Dasani, then Pepsi Aquafina; while in the high-end bottled water market, is still ranked first in Coca-Cola smartwater.



Marketing "Pepsi’s strategy to launch high-end water is lagging behind," said Michael Bellas, chairman of Beverage, a marketing firm, "but its packaging is pretty"


packaging beautiful, almost all high-end drinks want to open the market segments of the usual marketing methods. In the two case Chinese market, you will not be unfamiliar is unified launched a small tea beverage and students; the farmer landscape launched 3 series of high-end bottled water. Design as a means not only allows the product to attract consumers’ attention most quickly – beverage consumption decisions are often very short time, but also can be achieved through the design of a premium.

Pepsi Cola also from the plane

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