Huang Xiangru the inflection point of online advertising

[online advertising market potential]

with the rapid development of the Internet, China’s e-commerce has entered a period of rapid growth, the network advertising market is also facing a good opportunity. Multi data show that the next 3 years, China’s online advertising market is expected to continue rapid development. Now, the search engine advertising value has been widely recognized, from the success of Google, to the Baidu myth, to China search engine market rapid growth, are explained, the search engine marketing is the marketing channel of high return on investment. Search engine is not only a tool to promote the website of Internet Co, but also the most traditional economic and efficient sales channels. In search of a keyword search results ranking, can bring Everfount traffic and users of a website; an effective search engine advertising can bring tens of millions of orders to the enterprise; search engine marketing scheme is reasonable, may give a company the chance to take off. The general search engine advertising network, represented by Baidu drums network commercial search brand booth network advertisement has gradually become a main form of the traditional enterprise user acceptance of online advertising.

Chinese Internet users is a potentially huge market, Internet users in the market analysis of the audience is a very important factor, positioning service groups, dedicated service in one area, taking advantage of the technology, help the majority of Internet advertisers to improve and improve its operating conditions, to obtain a better commercial value, only the fundamental is to win the market.

to do business, must spend the least money to get the maximum profit, with the development of electronic commerce, many business operators are targeting advertising network advertising platform for the new, but the actual choice, because the choices, difficult choices. The industry believes that the Internet advertising coverage, can spread the advertising information 24 hours uninterrupted, without geographical and time constraints, but also has the characteristics of monitoring, evaluation, optimization, so many advertisers, including the traditional industry. More attractive to many small business owners, with the help of the network platform, will undoubtedly greatly reduce the cost of its advertising.

[development of inflection point] highlights]

but we also want to see, there are many hidden behind the huge market potential. Sina soft Wen advertising, for example, a few million advertising costs and the flow of millions of people seem to value for money, but there are a few people really click on advertising, I am afraid it is difficult to give a clear answer. Speaking of the advantages of online advertising, we are not difficult to list: interactive, global, direct, all-weather, high efficiency, low cost, convenience, etc.. The virtual nature of the network itself, but also as a time bomb, so that the public questioned the credibility of the information.

China’s online advertising market momentum of development for the world attention. According to iResearch’s research, in 2005 China’s online advertising market size of 3 billion 130 million yuan, than

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