A stall four marketing

today, a lot of good things, first of all wages, to call his girlfriend early to call him to dinner. Of course, she is also the music Pidianpidian, the chief financial officer of all accounts, love! As it should be, should celebrate, the chief financial officer of our family’s bribery, as a possible future whole more pocket money! I hear parents at home, abroad is to listen to the girlfriend, eat, are she is the host, today, she chose to stall


in my impression stall should be south people love, I do not know since when, the north side also gradually began to pop up to eat the food stalls. 35 friends together to eat barbecue, drink beer, cool breeze blowing, very refreshing, and today is a good weather to eat the food stalls


today this stall and before the difference is, the food stalls but I experienced four marketing events, and had to eat the food stalls I only pay attention to "food and drink". First let me show you the first marketing event:

: a marketing event marketing idea: active stall near

from my girlfriend and I stepped into the door, there is a woman and a man smiling face to us to meet to go, that’s really like the New Year greeting relatives as enthusiastic, they do the first "the guest is god".

then to the order when my girlfriend was going to eat fish, the fish, the lady said, a 35 yuan, is not what we have now, the carbon pot fish, the price of 58, gave two cold dishes. My girlfriend’s arithmetic is OK, this is the tip or clear, decisive choice to eat carbon pot fish, fish


in the process of eating cold dish in the old Feng (Feng Dongyang) I observed we meet the woman and the man, I found their business than the business side is much better, his house guests almost full, while the opposite is scanty few table. Have to say, the initiative to sell the power is still very strong!

summary of her marketing tools:

active welcoming, greeted the guests to meet their stalls next to


active recommendation: Although we chose their own food, but did not stop the woman’s active recommendation.

active quotation, analysis of "party advantage", of course, I have seen many attendants are you want to eat what she didn’t give you what! So, men and women of the food stalls and give full play to the advantage of the initiative of their


marketing event two: the trend of the world cup

what is the most recent fire? Of course, the world cup ah! From the Internet and the overwhelming news of the mysterious forecast emperor, you can feel the world cup marketing for the people. I cannot read 22 people for a football is what mean! Today’s focus is not on the discussion of the world cup, the key is the picture of my hair, you can see the eye, he is one of the world cup. "

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