Chinese electricity supplier please note The nation’s nternet giants are coming

[Abstract] compared with Europe and even China, Russia’s electricity supplier industry started late, but rapid development. Data show that last year, Ali double eleven Shopping Festival, orders from Russia more than 2 million.


recently devaluation of the ruble and the yuan, but the Chinese electricity supplier went to Russia to open up the pace of the market has not stopped.

the latest players in the industry from Russia: Russian search engine giant Yandex. According to the introduction, Yandex imitate Google: its search engine occupied the Russian search market, but also operates the mail and map services, and provides a browser and advertising services.

in recent years, Yandex has been in the Chinese market quietly, and in the domestic business platform to provide from shopping, payment and a series of business services, the Russian Baidu will bring what changes to the Chinese cross-border electricity supplier who



came out from the introduction of

in the ancient era of e-commerce in China, B2B foreign trade is one of the core business model. If you take into account when in C2C mode started Alibaba has not established Taobao, started by B2C model Jingdong President Liu Qiangdong handed (micro-blog) in Zhongguancun set up a stall, "one of the" two words can be removed.

in recent years, with the rise of the free trade zone model and the substantial increase in the level of domestic consumer spending, cross-border electronic trade has become the focus of attention of the industry. Data show that in the case of an average annual growth of less than 10% of the traditional foreign trade, China’s cross-border electricity supplier has maintained a growth of more than 20%-30%. According to the Ministry of Commerce predicted that in 2016 China’s cross-border electricity supplier import and export trade volume will reach 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the next few years, the proportion of cross-border electricity supplier in China’s import and export trade will increase to $20%.

in this area was also regarded as practitioners of business area "the last piece of cheese, the current domestic traditional retailers, business tycoon, start-up companies, logistics service providers, distributors and other supply chain each game player have incoming, trying to win this trillion Jin Shanzhong a cup of soup.

but in this area is not easy nuggets, overseas supply capacity, logistics and distribution capabilities, customs clearance, price war and other needs huge financial support. This harsh reality at once again cross-border electricity supplier who the overseas market, the data show that the 147 domestic appliance business platform has 46% businesses have been carried out overseas operations, 34% businesses are planning to enter the overseas market.

domestic cross-border electricity supplier imports mainly aimed at Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries, while exports are aimed at Russia, Brazil as the representative of emerging market countries. The common feature of these countries is mutual

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