“Velebit House” Visitor Center opened

first_imgThe public institution “Northern Velebit National Park” has successfully completed the project of building a Visitor Center Krasno, which built and equipped a visitor center called House of Velebit.The newly built visitor center, the project is worth 30,9 million kuna and it is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Regional Competitiveness 2007-2013. The aim of the project is to improve the conditions for the development of tourism in Lika-Senj County by establishing Krasno and Northern Velebit National Park as a unique destination that naturally connects the continental and coastal tourist offer of the County.Kuća Velebit, is located in Krasno, one of our largest mountain resorts, where visitors can get information about what to visit and experience in the Park, Krasno and the surrounding area, and buy tickets and souvenirs, but also learn more about climate, species and habitats, cultural heritage, geology, underground…. The main goal of the project was to build a Visitor Center NP Northern Velebit as a recognizable, modern and attractive content that attracts tourists to Krasno and the surrounding area, enables the presentation of natural and cultural values ​​of the Park throughout the year and quality promotion of tourist facilities in the Park and Lika-Senj County. .A significant feature of this project is the sustainability of the building of the House of Velebit and the whole concept of its layout. The building was built in accordance with the highest standards of energy efficiency (energy class A +) and is integrated into the environment and the landscape.Exhibition of the House of Velebit The exhibition of the House of Velebit spreads over four floors and includes several thematic units that are intertwined and intertwined in order to better show visitors the richness of Velebit, its diversity and cultural and natural value. At the heart of the story is man and his direct and indirect influence on nature and natural values. In the past, the inhabitants of Velebit lived a nomadic way of life, clearing forests, grazing cattle, building stone dwellings – shepherd’s dwellings and dry stone walls, thus creating new habitats – lawns, ponds and more, and influencing the number of species of flora and fauna. IN The house of Velebit visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with a large part of this diversity – various insects and birds, large carnivores, endemic plant species adapted to extreme living conditions… But the value of this mountain is not only in the number of plant, animal and fungal species but also in its landscape diversity. The reason for this is the numerous surface karst forms – sinkholes, beams, hips, cracks… are just some of them. But the story of how they were created can be read by visitors in ours The house of Velebit!! But what is most valuable is actually located underground and is inaccessible to most visitors. These are our deep pits inhabited by a whole special world of specific fauna that had to adapt to life in constant darkness. And again, it is man who has been constantly intrigued by this underworld, so he has begun to explore in more detail the dark world that still fascinates and surprises us with some newly discovered animal species. For a moment, every visitor will be able to become a speleologist and explore the “Lukini pit” in The house of Velebit.Working hours of Velebit House:INFO CENTER: Sunday-Thursday 8-17h, Friday-Saturday 8-18hSETTING: Tuesday-Sunday 9 am-16pm, Monday closed/ item]last_img

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