Motion Travel has become the official agency of the largest marathon in the world – TCS New York City Marathon 2020!

first_imgThese are the ambassadors of our tourism and the lighthouse entrepreneurs who bravely push forward in spite of everyone and everything and destroy the status quo. Support them. In Motion travel, they are still awake dreaming and bravely walking step by step towards new goals. Running is a constantly growing trend, so over 50 million inhabitants of the European Union run regularly, and according to Josip Ćorić, Croatia is definitely growing, and the most important thing is that the number of runners, clubs and community who create new runners and new marathoners. As Ćorić points out, from the first day he woke up dreaming of this very moment and step by step he built a story that the dream turned into reality. That there is a big difference between desire and goal, says this great story, as well as its continuation, since Motion Travel recently included a marathon in Morocco, and for 2020 they are preparing to organize a trip to the races in North America and Asia where their motto RUN & TRAVEL would definitely come to life. Namely, the trend of running is spreading in Europe from year to year, as well as in Croatia, and as Josip Ćorić points out, as a passionate runner he did not have an offer to go to half marathons and races in various European cities. And that’s where that click or eureka happens. As a passionate travel enthusiast and employee in agency tourism, Ćorić decided to establish Motion Travel, the only agency in Croatia specialized in the departure of recreational, amateur and professional runners and of course their fans to races within Croatia and Europe. Today, after a little over a year and a lot of work and effort, Motion Travel has become the official agency of the largest marathon in the world – TCS New York City Marathon 2020!  Thus, for the first time, Croatia has its own tourist representative for runners at the NY Marathon, a Motion Travel  has managed to position Croatia as one of the 54 countries in the world that have a representative at the largest racing event in the world. This cooperation will enable all runners from Croatia and the region to more easily access information, entry fees and medals. “The racing population in Croatia increasingly travels to foreign races where we already offer them attractive trips and as the crown of the offer we want to offer runners from the region all major races and thus be at the top of the world agency offer of racing trips. It is difficult for us to predict in which direction the niche is developing because we are currently the only ones going in that direction and we are the initiators of both outgoing and incoming, but we think we are going at a good pace because after a year and 3 months we already have two majors. we travel to more than 15 different races across Europe and are recording constant growth. We see definite growth in offering travel on all continents. ” Ćorić points out as his new goal and the dream he wants to fulfill. Once a upon a time… or the story starts like this nekako. center_img “The beginning of communication with the organizers was already in April this year when we sent the first part of the documentation. Since the establishment of the agency, our goal has been to become the official ITO (International Tour Operator) for the NY Marathon, so we carefully “step by step” started working together. Through half a year and meeting the strict conditions we had to meet, such as being the ITO of one of the major marathons, and as we are already the second year of the ITO for the Berlin Marathon it was a great advantage for us. After sending the rest of the documentation and checking the quality of work, checking all the items we listed, we received confirmation that Motion Travel will be the official ITO and that Croatia gets the first travel agency for another major world racing event. says Coric. RELATED NEWS: As Ognjen Bagatin from the Bagatin Polyclinic points out, it is important to celebrate other people’s success, encourage and build the perception of success in Croatia. Proof of how to succeed in Croatia. A little over a year ago, a great idea was born, an idea that hit the need of runners in Croatia and offered a solution to the problem. Cover photo: TCS New York City Marathon / Illustration Thanks to the portal, I have the honor of being the source of information, and the “power” to connect people, entrepreneurs and tourist stories, all with the aim of generating added value and synergy. To date, I have merged hundreds of entrepreneurial tourism stories in Croatia. Also, there is no greater happiness when you watch some entrepreneurial ideas develop from year to year and manage to fight for their place under the sun. If in this process in one small part I can personally help and push, that’s it, my mission is fulfilled. FIRST TRAVEL AGENCY SPECIALIZED FOR RUNNERS OPENED – MOTION TRAVELlast_img

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