How to deal with large e commerce website traffic

for the tone of the company, the performance of quality monitoring at home and similar Alibaba, Taobao, pat Network, these large e-commerce sites have to buy the service to do long-term website, in coping with a large amount of traffic caused by the seasonal Christmas and Spring Festival Gold these consumer goods shopping when mature professional customers to respond to the pressure test, the tone of the service (select the real user base, the country huge behavior simulation and steps, the user access for the site click. In the process of quantification, customers can know their website in which aspects are weak. What are the areas in which the operator user access to poor quality, the root cause of.

              through the pressure test data to optimize the site inspection of the site itself) to advance the service ability, from the perspective of the Internet, there are many aspects are unknown, the Pang Daji number, source and China Internet numerous operators complex network environment. Traffic arrival every time, is both an opportunity and a disaster, " " early to make a deal with company can clearly know your strengths, but do not stress test site often because of some problems, bring commercial failure, can be easily lost to your competition rivals.

also for stress testing services, in fact, there is a way to use, that is, many of the sites will be on a product line, or a channel revision time, will do the internal pressure test. But the user experience and product performance testing of internal time pressure often does not fully represent the public to the Internet for the Internet, many uncertain factors which also comes from the Internet, including the software and hardware of computer itself. The tone of the monitoring client Qiaqia on behalf of the ordinary users of the real environment, so that customers can be in the front of the line, can be used to monitor the client products the tone of the real environment, the corresponding data. In China customers, Sina attaches great importance to each user’s real experience, with the rapid development of Sina blog for nearly two years, the dynamic pressure is more and more access to Web 2, Sina blog for application to deal with all kinds of new customers, taking into account the true feelings, they in line with the new Blog system, the N version of the test, select the true effect and performance of a client the best way to push to the front of the user, this is a worthy individual web reference method.

case analysis: the annual Chinese New Year stage, in addition to domestic goods, the most worrying thing is the air tickets, train tickets. It can be said that it is difficult to get a ticket, Ctrip, e-long these e-commerce booking mode was born, but, if careful, you can find that e-commerce website booking system in almost 100% foreign airlines booking from their own, because of the domestic airline itself from the late transformation of electronic commerce, to Ctrip such a large business website "

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