New USG candidacy announced

first_imgBrandon said he does not believe that Murphy and Lane, who are currently USG Senators, represent all students on campus. He alleges that the current USG only represents the voices of students that share similar views with its members. Brandon hopes to expand green energy on campus, increase quality food sourcing for dining halls, dismiss the Student Health Fee and increase resources for victims of sexual assault and misconduct. Brandon and Adler have not served on USG prior to running; however, they consider their “outsider” status an advantage. “Once I saw the initial release of who the candidates were and … that there was only one ticket running for president, I thought that we at least needed to have some options,” Brandon said. “I contemplated for about a week and then decided to throw my hat in the ring.” Brandon and Adler will participate in the USG presidential and vice presidential debate held in Wallis Annenberg Hall Monday. “Aside from athletics, we are having a lot of administrative issues [and] people on the row feel like the administration is slowly trying to get rid of Greek life,” Brandon said. “One of the most important parts of USC is the tradition … I like to think of Trojans as winners and now nothing seems to be going our way.” Maxwell Brandon and Grayson Adler announced their candidacies for Undergraduate Student Government president and vice president, respectively, after their campaign’s approval last Thursday. Grayson Adler (left) and Maxwell Brandon (right) launched their candidacies for USG vice president and president, respectively last Thursday. (Photo courtesy of Patrick Reid) Despite not being a part of Greek life, Brandon’s campaign also aims to restore the privilege of game day tailgates on Greek row and create a channel of communication between Greek letter organizations and the University administration. Brandon, a junior majoring in accounting and business administration, is one of three presidential candidates, along with USG Sen. Michaela Murphy and USG Funding Chair Trenton Stone. Brandon admitted that though his lack of formal USG experience means he lacks a full understanding of USG processes, he believes his previous experience dealing with USG as YAF chairman has demonstrated how the organization can be improved. “While I recognize that there are many issues with Greek life organizations, I feel that there is value in having Greek life on campus, aside from tradition and ties alumni have.” Brandon said. “It would really be a disservice to not only to us but future alumni and future students if Greek life were to cease to exist.” “We are not insiders,” Brandon and Adler wrote in a joint statement published on the USG election website. “We feel the effects of USG policies just as much as you do. Even as your President and Vice President we will continue to hear your voices.” Brandon and Adler’s campaign points focus on improving sustainability, campus life, health and safety and Greek life, according to their platform published on the USG election website. They said USC no longer “wins” when it comes to achieving these goals. Brandon currently serves as the chairman for the USC chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative student organization on campus. YAF hosted conservative commentator Ben Shapiro in Bovard Auditorium in October, which prompted backlash and protest. “I have had my own conversations at senate meetings with [Murphy and Lane],” Brandon said. “I did not feel that they would be able to protect the interests of all students on campus.” “I’m not in a bubble and I have dealt with USG as a student,” Brandon said. “I know what I want out of [USG] … so I feel like that gives me better insight to what the general population is thinking.” “I am going to try and keep my candidacy as apolitical as possible,” Brandon said. “I want to make sure all opinions of any Trojan are protected … If someone wanted to bring Mike Pence to campus to talk, I think they should be allowed to do that. If someone wanted to bring Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to campus, they should be allowed to do that too.” Despite, YAF’s campus participation in politics, Brandon said he intends to run an apolitical and representative campaign. last_img

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