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in May 29th the eve of the general assembly, many webmasters have been discussed on the Tencent micro-blog

Tencent Francisco May 26th news, well-known master Guan Peng (screen name old K, yesterday afternoon at micro-blog on the business direction and profit model and other topics, dialogue with other webmasters launched on micro-blog. Online atmosphere is very warm, as of this morning, the relevant post has reached nearly 100.

many webmasters believe that the webmaster should be more than five areas of life service class, online query class, e-commerce and buy, vertical portals and other places. However, due to policy risk and other factors, interactive website is currently not suitable for webmasters. However, it was also suggested that local communities need to adhere to, but more stamina.

below for your webmaster dialogue in Tencent micro-blog record:

Guan Peng:

as a grassroots webmaster, we should operate what type of site, you can achieve green growth and profitability?.

Qiu Shida (SEO):

can not do as little as possible interactive. Life service class, online query class, constellation, women, and so should be good.

Jia Sijun (network promotion):

in addition to Qiushi recommendations, suggestions combined with peripheral business entity, with its own network and promote the advantages of doing business to sell products.

Cai Liwen (I net CEO):

local vertical website is the future trend!

Guan Peng: now the local site is very rapid, the question is: when a place has been like "Xiamen fish", "dragon lane" this station, other local station development is more and more small.

Li Shaojie (163 webmaster):

I am also optimistic about the local vertical portal, convenient query tools, are the future trend. There is also a feeling of a new e-commerce: buy, buy site, should soon become a favorite webmaster and Internet users, because the model is very interesting.

Du Jun (Comsenz):

is very optimistic about the local community, e-commerce website.


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