Stationmaster net broadcast Chinese electricity supplier in the future ten years development pattern

1 China’s electricity supplier in the next ten years, the pattern of development has emerged: PC end Ali, mobile Tencent

Jingdong successfully NASDAQ last week, the market value of China’s fourth largest Internet Co. Its listing is also the largest Chinese companies in the U.S. capital markets IPO. Then it will be Ma Yun’s footsteps, Alibaba, venture capital circles have been rumored to Alibaba in August 8th will be listed in the United states.

at this point, I believe that the development of China’s electricity supplier industry in the next ten years has gradually clear pattern.

PC end of the electricity supplier war is over: Ali, Jingdong, won

U.S. time on May 22nd, Jingdong officially listed on the Nasdaq, closing price of $20.90, compared with the issue price rose by 10%, the market value of about $28 billion 600 million. By market capitalization, Jingdong second only to BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent).

2 WeChat is walking on the road is closed:  

for cash?

iron brother go home in the Spring Festival, there is a sense of the Spring Festival from country to city information has been very obvious from the pay New Year’s call SMS transfer to WeChat, iron brother also wrote that WeChat will replace the mail list, the operator only provides Internet access, while WeChat will completely replace the operator’s SMS and telephone service. Now to his brother iron face, to recover the past conclusion.

actually, WeChat is no problem to replace the address book, and even can be said that the future is bright. But WeChat’s recent policy to make iron brother completely cold heart, that is, the WeChat address book on-line problem.

WeChat mail list of friends can not be more than five thousand people, has spread to raise a Babel of criticism of before. However, no formal notification official in the user is in a rough form of direct action, which is more than five thousand can add friends, circle of friends has more than only information will appear randomly in the five thousand circle of friends of friends.

3 from the media suddenly collective action of the question, is Ctrip black PR?  

, the online travel industry is volatile, unfortunately, does not appear in the apex bloody normal business we have always understood, it appears in the dark side of public relations.

in May 16th, where to publish a quarterly report, the overall revenue showed 83.6% high growth rate at the same time, in the field of wireless industry is most concerned about, which also appeared in the rapid growth of 421.2%, and the proportion of the total income has reached 32.1%.

beautiful enviable data at the same time, but was questioned to the seemingly organized "". The gunmen came back wings, on where to report earnings after second weeks, such as the world and so began a series of self published media accounts of various nonsensical for where to go negative. Had to let people doubt its biggest competitors ctrip.

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