CM domain name paralysis paralysis of a large area of the registration authority

since March 3rd, received a lot of friends reflect, in the ENOM domain name registration.CM can not resolve the fault. At the same time, in the background of the.CM ENOM domain name can not modify the DNS information.


The official answer to

‘s connection to ENOM is that our technical support staff has been unable to find out the root of the problem. Therefore, our development team is doing further research on the details. However, 9 days later, all the problems can not resolve the domain name.

we get further information is:

1, currently known in ENOM registered.CM domain name will appear this problem.

2, all domain names are in the use of non ENOM default DNS server.

3, all domain names can not change the DNS server, can not list the current DNS server.

we contacted ENOM’s top agent Lau, York. He gave us more detailed information:

1, it looks like a serious problem. Looks like the person in charge of the CM registry.

2, the head of the CM registry, Kevin may be on foot.

3, the result will be: in theory, ICANN change management company, and then a new vendor took over.

4, the user will not suffer losses?. Because this is the top registry, and the registrar is not the same thing. Like registerfly before the collapse of eNom and GoDaddy took over, it belongs to the registrar. This top Registration Bureau of the accident, I really do not know how.

: collect all the problems of the.CM domain name, please add QQ6166000. Hope that the friends can think of a program.

attached: additional information about the.Cm domain name:

what is the CM domain name:.Cm domain name is the Cameroon country code top-level domain name. For more detailed information, please search.

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