CNNC began to investigate individual owners

China Station Road reported on 1 CNNIC2 for the beginning of individual stationmaster investigation, Chinese Station Road founder in the telephone survey found each other to accept each other, first is to find the domain name, the domain name and identity verification, and then find the phone.

The other said:

survey time is 10 minutes, there are 100 seats at the same time the investigation of them every day, like a survey of the estimated 400 webmaster every day.

The main content of

investigation is several aspects. Are: domain name registration time, the time to open the site, the type of site, the site belongs to the region. The website operation mode, the number of team management website, website etc.. Some will choose the other optional answer for you, you can choose.

at the same time they care about the site is still placed in the virtual host or flat-share space, or their own independent server information and statistics, statistics of the number of PV is also the site every day, these data should be an accurate data, and the data is not generally. Finally, the owner of the mailbox, contact address, etc..

from last year’s statistics, the general survey of them is basically like ordinary users, usually through survey company or related websites open up from the site survey, and this year’s survey of as direct is the webmaster, and by telephone survey. This is a precedent, according to many webmaster rebellion, they also received a related investigation, rectification and due to a series of recent crackdown, caused great shock to the business owners, so they wanted to listen to the voice of the webmaster to. This is a good start to the webmaster.

this article by the Chinese webmaster road finishing release:

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