Just by the U S group acquired by bank purse treasure fined 120 thousand Yuan Wang should pay atten

according to the Beijing Daily reported by the U.S. group acquired shortly after, came the purse treasure punished message. The central bank business management department recently released Payment Technology Co. Ltd. of Beijing (hereinafter referred to as "purse treasure purse treasure") the punishment for violation of publicity, payment institution customers to deposit regulations, bank card acquiring business regulations, be fined 120 thousand yuan, decided to make administrative punishment decision letter number date is October 14, 2016, for the silver tube penalty 2016 No. 16. This is the central bank’s operating Department issued seventh tickets this year.


beauty group purchase purse treasure spent big price

on the eve of national day, do not have to pay the license review group announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned purse treasure. There are rumors that the U.S. mission to spend 1 billion 300 million yuan. Some time ago, the U.S. group because of the lack of payment payment license, unlicensed, the central bank was interviewed and stopped at the end of April, the line recharge function. In the first batch of 27 Payment institutions renewal, the central bank said, adhere to the total control, structural optimization, improve quality, orderly development, the principle of a period of time no longer approved the establishment of new institutions. So the United States had to obtain a license through the acquisition.

data show that the purse treasure was founded in November 2008, May 2011, the central bank issued the "purse treasure to obtain payment business license", became one of the first batch of 27 enterprises to obtain licenses; September 2013, purse treasure approved to become the National Foreign Exchange Management Bureau of the first charter pilot cross-border e-commerce foreign exchange payment services. The company is located in small businesses mobile payment service providers, and in November 2014 to obtain Haitong Securities, the strategic investment in the harmonious growth of institutions. Its business scope for the country, the types of services including Internet payment, mobile phone payment, bank card.

‘s products include operating purse treasure purse treasure elf, purse treasure POS, purse treasure MPOS and other mobile payment and mobile POS products, covering the near field and the remote mobile payment mode, provide remittance, credit card payments, prepaid recharge, recharge, game collection, SAAS (business management software), gold ticket management service application, and received a single application in support of WeChat, Alipay and other payment methods in small businesses.

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announcement shows that purse treasure for violating the payment institution customers to deposit regulations, bank card acquiring business regulations, be fined 120 thousand yuan.

as the director of the Department, the central bank requirements for customers to deposit the centralized depository, the central bank responsible person in non bank payment institutions risk special rectification work said that the payment institution customers to deposit in its own name in a bank to open an account in distributed storage, the average payment institutions to open by customers account of 13, the most open customer deposit accounts of 70. It is not conducive to the effective monitoring of the customer’s deposit payment

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