A8 music for nternet publishing license to engage in nternet audio visual publishing


technology news April 10th afternoon news, A8 music has been announced today, the State Press and Publication Administration (original GAPP) issued the "Internet publishing license", thus becoming the first in the field of China digital music company to obtain this qualification.

A8 music board chairman and CEO Liu Xiaosong said, "the Internet publishing license" means that the A8 will be able to obtain music independent publishing electronic and audio-visual publications, and the publication of audiovisual works entities in the Internet and mobile phone on the electronic version. This will benefit more than 30 thousand creators on the A8.com platform, while more and more outstanding works will be published.

A8 music "Internet publishing license" qualification, will be under the a8.com of original music platform, meters music, JING.FM, and other related records Bragi company business development plays a significant role in supporting.

A8 music said that the future will increase cooperation with the record company, aggregation and publishing more high-quality original music content resources, through a full range of network marketing for domestic and foreign well-known terminal manufacturers to provide music solutions, to further promote the digital music and traditional music integration and development. (both)

Company Profile:

A8 music network is a main content to provide digital original music service network media, customer is the original music, record companies, SP, copyright agency, the main business is the collection, selection and promotion of original songs, through original music to profit from the creation of product line.

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