The 12 sentence with you to understand all the highlights of WWDC2015

Abstract: Swift is still the main push Apple programming language, the new version of the 2 version of the interface is more simple, and officially open source, support Linux system.

1.OS X was named EI Captain, the application speed is at least 1.4 times the Yosemite, the details of the support for the left and right sides of the slide mark the message is not read or deleted, the browser page label zoom. Metal application to improve the efficiency of development at the same time, to get a better rendering of the 3D game.


2.iOS 9 system size reduced from 4.6G to 1.3G, providing low power mode, life time extended by an average of 3 hours. The developer beta version has been downloaded and the official version will be released in the fall.


3.Siri can find the "photo taken in Utah in August last year" through natural language, set up "remind me when I get home", or even find out who the strange caller may be by searching for the content of the email. The Siri page will integrate possible contacts, may want to open the App, and more sensitive to the environment. Be able to insert the headset in the gym environment automatically play the user favorite music, kitchen environment provides from the App side (such as Yummy) recipes, and even according to the traffic situation to remind the user to start work. Fully open search API, support third party App content search.

4 currently has more than 2 thousand and 500 banks to support Apple Pay. Apple Pay will cooperate with the Square reader to provide better payment experience, there will be more than 1 million businesses support Apple Pay scene next month. Apple Pay will enter the UK market in July, there will be 250 thousand businesses to support this feature, the London transport system will also fully support Apple Pay.


5.Passport for the evolution of Wallet, in addition to the existing support function, you can also add credit cards, membership cards, rebate card etc..

6 memo (Notes) to increase the functionality of Check List, and support for photo insertion, handwritten painting. The contents of the Safari browser can also be directly placed in the Notes, and support in accordance with the content, the picture sort.


7.Maps bus line transfer for better support. Among them, the Transit function will provide different public transport routes, transfers and navigation to the destination

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