Dangdang PK excellence for other purposes

      the past few days to see Dangdang announcement, first issued a statement, please stop publishing its excellence in the world’s largest Chinese online bookstore lies". Then on the eve of Bezos’s visit to China next week, will be excellent network released lies in the declaration of English mail sent to Amazon CEO Bezos.

      dangdang.com this two statement is inscribed "Dangdang market", this is a very interesting phenomenon. The corresponding two statements, excellent response is to refuse to respond to Dangdang statement".

      so, how to look at the deeper level of the problem?

      first, Dangdang and excellent management

      Dangdang is responsible for the vice president of the market, is 99 years before the listing, my colleagues in the SINA Chen Tenghua, before the post of the head of the Chinese game division from NOKIA to Dangdang took office.

      Dangdang general foreign PR spokesperson, is the woman in charge of Yu Yu.

      Li Guoqing only in the hair industry, publishing and other industry associations meeting, will serve as industry leaders to speak.

      the couple rarely attend public events together, in my office when the period of nearly 2 years, just remember 04 years in June, in a TV station in Shanghai "wealth of life" when the program is two people hand in hand with the.

      however, any general fighting for market movements, is Li Guoqing clapper.

      distinguished President Wang Hanhua, is a very Nice professional manager, speak very calm, always with a smile. But there is a lack of local Internet users feel that kind of Aggressive.

      Jiang Ancheng, vice president of finance, I know him at that time, the Chinese are difficult to express clearly……

      Huang Weiqiang, vice president of operations, when he was in Hongkong, we knew. Emphasis on technology and logistics management.

      the entire management excellence, the biggest impression is: too professional, professional to what you always feel that the shortcomings of what.

      these 6 people, I am familiar with. Therefore, this part of the conclusion is:


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