From the East Green in McDonald’s to teach English see Baidu Post Bar do marketing by connecting th


a few days ago I wrote that, marketing agencies must be "connected" rather than "intermediary", to help the brand to connect directly with their fans, so immediately there is a special question to say: down to earth as a marketing agency, if we make the brand and their fans directly the Agency connection, we also eat what


I think the answer is very simple, the problem in the resource control model of Agency there, unless you change your mind, it must be no solution. Pretending to be a scholar said, "summer insects can not speak ice", the popular point is that "do not understand the black night."

now we have to make up the brain "Chinese partner" in that once people smile plot: sentimental venture into the East Green, no space, can only give lessons at McDonald’s, and he squinted Guanqiao waiter came several times, then quickly pulled out from his trouser pockets 20 dollars for students A said: "hurry to buy two pairs of wings back."

here, Cheng Dongqing as the representative of a large number of start-up entrepreneurs career stretched, now he wants to brand, so you need to have a connected person to help, pay attention! McDonald’s here is "connected" instead of marketing channels, the difference is not new in Cheng Dongqing: McDonald’s flyers, but here giving lessons! Class content and output is a direct service.

unfortunately: either 2 or N on the wings, are not enough to reflect the value of McDonald’s as a connection should have; McDonald’s did not realize that it may be a connection between the East Green and students, both sides there is no consensus on this more agreement with.

but in the future, I think McDonald’s will be considered in this direction. (form is not the focus of the class in Mai Don Laurie).

for example, we look at another case, from South Korea’s "coffee with you" (a coffee chain brand), and China Merchants Bank recently engaged in the embedded coffee bank.

in this home is located in Beijing East Fourth coffee shop corner, placed two Taiwan merchants bank teller machine, glass hut next to the sunflower financial room, there is a wealth outdoor latest visual counter, customers and customer service via video remote call, apply for a debit card and other personal financial business.


so, customers can drink coffee in her spare time, experience the CMB service extension, its business more intimate and humane. From the Case point of view, this is not just a simple two brands of Co-Branding, more cafes themselves into a connected person is a practice, so that the above into East Green and McDonald’s story, have set up complex business logic in the real user scene.

in fact, this is a "connector" of the value of the conversion, over

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