The layout of suning com O2O mobile client is the key

speed transit network of mobile Internet is a piece of fertile land, tens of thousands of mobile APP in this land as rapidly like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. But many APP is parasitic in the soil of the edge, but has not learned from its internal nutrition, and some flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum fleeting, there are a lot of malnutrition, cry piteously for food. O2O (Online to Offline) mode appears, so that these mobile APP applications to see hope. This can be docked with the real network, breaking the screen of the model, so that mobile APP overnight became the protagonist.

2013 can be called the first year of the O2O, the emergence of O2O, immediately became a hot mobile business model. Big Suning retail giant, small fruit shop are trying to O2O. But I believe that, like Suning existing retail channels and cable retail channels retailers have the advantage of O2O. Because for O2O electricity supplier is the first urgent need to solve two problems: first, where the customer, where to come from the unit area of the user density is not enough, the biggest problem is the current development of O2O electricity supplier. Second, how to find valuable (the best is the exclusive monopoly of resources (goods) goods or service products) to attract customers to pay? O2O model is based on local consumer database covering the Su ningyun million members, and integrated, Suning stores and service life of the commercial function transformation based on the above two problems, it is the advantage of

in February this year, Suning Appliance was renamed "Su ningyun", has put forward the "new model stores + + retail service provider", the next line of the chain stores and online integration of is on the agenda. Recently, O2O is a movement again and again, first at the beginning of May, Shanghai Su Ninghong children in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Tianjin, Shenyang city 8 Suning stores try to catalogue sales, put forward "Offline to innovation Online O2O model; after Suning new wireless client" near Suning "and" electricity payment "and a series of local public service functions, through the localization of life O2O service consumers.

future development of O2O can not be separated from the mobile client, mobile client is expected within two years will be a geometric growth. What role does the mobile client play in O2O, which may be a concern for many people in the industry?. I take for example, on Suning key role in’s O2O wireless.

O2O model is the integration of online and offline, double combination to achieve maximum efficiency. Suning wireless in O2O plays a sound role, how to let users access to stores and whenever and wherever possible the commodity information, how to encourage users to enter the store after the active use of Suning wireless search, purchase and payment, how to push real-time customer purchase logistics and installation information is Su Ning.

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