Far Fung the correct position of the use of electricity supplier data

we know to do electricity supplier is very important.

and now the operation is not as basic as before the operation, and now is a time to pay attention to data.

in 2015, Ma Yun in the opening of the annual meeting of the Alibaba, the development of Alibaba’s six strategic direction of development, one of which is big data and cloud computing services.

especially big data, because the basis of cloud computing is based on the analysis of large data, including the now out of the mainstream and some of the electronic business platform, you need to analyze large data.

For example, the

platform takeaway needs through the data analysis of people dining preferences are combined with the geographical location, store distribution information of their precise recommendation scheme, as far as possible to recommend to meet customer tastes shop, thereby increasing sales.

so what is the data compass?

data compass is actually an analysis tool for large data analysis of the system, at present, far Fung Group’s electricity supplier data compass,

use of large data processing, multi concurrent support, get rid of the bottleneck of traditional IT technology, so that enterprises continue to maximize the value of precipitation data.

visual analysis, drag and drop operations, bid farewell to complex programming and statistical knowledge, so that everyone in the enterprise has the ability to self analysis.

and mobile sync presents the latest data, so that you at any place, any time, can grasp the business progress. Early warning notice, the first time to understand the business enterprise data changes, timely adjustment, rapid response.

Whether the

data in IT system in EXCEL, through simple configuration, can quickly integrate into the ECD data that electricity providers compass, a unified data file, reduce the data inconsistency problems.

electricity supplier in the data in the compass Yuanfeng, all charts, indicators can be automatically updated with the data changes, enhance efficiency and reduce the data processing in the process of manual operation error, enjoy one-stop service data.

and real-time transaction indicators monitoring, statistics and analysis, mining customer characteristics, providing fine operational direction; peer data cross comparison, grasp the market trends.

remote data compass is to tell the most concerned about the indicators and factors affecting the enterprise through the data, so as to do the analysis to enhance the conversion rate of electricity supplier.

is the use of big data technology to solve the problem of small technology.

at the same time, other electricity providers far Fung (such as ERP and so on), and a variety of mobile business data, Tmall Taobao and other end in third party data, offline sales channels and other data, all data can be concentrated to Yuanfeng in electric compass.

support instant communication function, found data fluctuations, even if the communication and communication with colleagues, find the problem, by early

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