2015 fresh electricity supplier how to break through 1% of earnings

in 2014, the major electricity supplier giants have to seize the known as the provider of the most hard – fresh electricity. However, statistics show that the country’s more than 4 thousand fresh electricity supplier companies, only a profit of 1%.

whether it is Taobao, Jingdong, or downwind preferred, vertical electricity supplier, etc. are involved in the community fresh O2O, they are trying to serve as a breakthrough in fresh electricity supplier. However, the most representative is to the number of micro business, through the use of WeChat public number, a large number of entrepreneurs to start a community fresh distribution, more than people, is the user experience fast to get first-hand information, but in the end, micro business platform is not large.

micro business and community O2O is the most similar, are direct door-to-door, easier to lock customers, community O2O and micro providers easier to serve on time, but also to ensure fresh dishes, reduce losses. Both of them can be cash on delivery, crunching, give consumers more sense of security. Community O2O and micro providers can promptly solve the number and variety of food at home. But a micro shop launched a monthly subscription model, the customer in the opening before does not know that he will receive what fruits can increase the interest, regardless of how the price, in the weekly or monthly distribution situation, can guarantee the

of fresh dishes?

Taobao meow fresh green and Jingdong has the advantage of platform, rookie logistics for Taobao fresh electricity distribution, and with Chinese post open to the public 5000 postal outlets from mentioning. The wind is preferred logistics advantage, the hey shop also shop in every community, SF preferably also logistics advantages to quickly seize the market. The most important for fresh electricity supplier logistics and supply chain, farms, food suppliers and vertical electric supply chain is not trouble, but also lacks the platform and logistics advantages, and ultimately rely on the operation in Taobao and micro business. It is not difficult to see the current fresh electricity supplier is mainly facing cold chain transportation and warehousing, quality product channels, user experience problems.

Chinese e-commerce research center report in a phrase to summarize the current domestic fresh electricity supplier faced with the dilemma of "reality shows that fresh looks like the beautiful prairie, but everywhere is very easy to get into the swamp, need to be careful to walk."

now in 2015, more and more small and medium enterprises due to the electricity supplier can not meet the conditions required for a fresh electricity supplier and more focused on localization. Eliminating intermediate links. E-commerce watchers said the vertical fresh electricity supplier to grow, will be carried out in the cold chain distribution across provinces, but ordinary electricity supplier does not have its own logistics team, must use the third party logistics company. However, domestic can not be called throughout the cold chain of third party distribution company, and use the third party distribution, a cold chain is not fully control, two distribution costs high, if not so sure lose money orders. Although the problem is so much, but fresh electricity supplier is still a big cake to see who is divided into just a matter of time.

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