Brands want to exit the price war electricity supplier 618 can last long

618 electricity supplier price war continues to herald the rumor, Jingdong, Tmall two business platform again to refresh the record, according to the authoritative data show that in 618 the Jingdong electric sales to 750 million yuan hurricane, and Tmall electric city more crazy, a total of more than 1 billion 300 million yuan. Other platforms as easy fast network, Gome online,, is good news frequently, but the brands of the price war in the attitude change, how long the 618 electricity supplier price war to continue?

brands have bearish price war

During the promotion of

618, due to dissatisfaction with the price of Jingdong is too low, ASUS suspended the supply of computers to Jingdong, causing electricity supplier price war intensified zero for contradictory concerns, the attitude of other brands have begun to turn pale.

LG business director Tang Xinhong said, LG will not participate in any June platform sales price war, the price war may bring sales surge in the short term, but it will affect customer service service, resulting in the depreciation of the brand.

Haier mall insiders also revealed that Haier mall will not participate in the June business platform price war, there are strict price controls for the platform to participate in promotional products, not entirely in accordance with the party’s platform will.

consumer price war gradually immune

618 this year, the electricity supplier platform website traffic has improved than usual, but unlike the efforts in 2012 815 as a fierce, shows that consumers have aesthetic fatigue for a variety of promotional business gimmick.

repeated "price war" after that, virtual standard prices rose after the first drop, various abnormal phenomena. According to a report released by the Amoy test report shows that as of June 18th 16 at the time of the 7 involved in the price war in the business, there are more than 10% of the price of goods, the price range of 20%-30%. Amazon has more than 30 thousand commodity prices rose after the first drop, ranking first. Also rose after the first drop of Jingdong and suning.

in the future or will go to the differential competition

for the website, may the price war with the store, the price war is still the primary but effective.

but the electricity supplier platform is facing two major difficulties, one is no longer a platform for the brand’s fish, and the consumer price war has been gradually immune to the two.

I think that, in the long run, the competition among electricity providers to the difference, whether goods or services, will have the obvious difference, the stupid price war, who have no water fishing! I wish to communicate with QQ:465145377, the webmaster,

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