E commerce website traffic to buy less key lies in how to win trust


traffic has been the site of the pursuit of the index, the reason is very simple, no flow means that sites are good goods No one shows any interest in, on the corner of hidden is not what value. However, the current e-commerce sites, the more critical competitiveness is how to stand out in the peer, the same goods sold out, selling a better price. Now the traffic is not too big to get the problem, the investment to buy traffic is very simple and direct, spend money to do targeted advertising on the site, but also to get the target potential customers. Why is there no order. Suggest that you may wish to study the following aspects.

1 advertising, do brand or do goods?

a lot of enterprises in the advertising investment is usually in the form of goods primarily, we can from a large number of bidding ideas discerned, such as selling baby products advertising, mostly to the baby milk powder, this kind of writing keywords commodity advertisements, and ignore the brand building.

attaches importance to the brand and corporate website SEO, are chronic operations. After several times the customer brand impression brainwashing, the brand and the commodity to establish a connection, the natural increase in sales performance is good. Why other people sell expensive, but sales greater.

2 traffic from where?

e-commerce more need to do a good job of keyword research, take a look, which keywords are able to bring the transaction and consulting. Before doing a hospital to do SEO, do a full research work. Let the customer service record of each consultant’s questions, record the "symptoms" "disease name" "age" "area", according to each question, the daily search keywords. The study found that counseling to patients, 70% by 1 a day only to search words, and our main column page keywords, although ranking and traffic is very good, but seldom.

this fully shows that we can control the flow of good control of our potential users, and thus directly affect our sales performance. You are still unable to sell and worry, then look at their own web search keywords which

3 media effect

CCTV advertising brand can certainly believe that this is the general impression of the masses. We do e-commerce, enterprise website, also need a full range of media support. Just mentioned the hospital network promotion, if there is no local television media publicity, certainly not so good results. The ads on our hospital can be very stupid. Wuhan XX hospital, telephone XXXXXXX on such a sentence, put 3 times in a row. Reminds me of the company, oh, collapse. However, this investment, although few by telephone consultation, but to promote the network added a lot of oil, the consultants will say that we have seen the ads on TV, think it should also, every day in the broadcast.


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