Baidu has a new strategy of conjoined twins

recently, Baidu’s platform has frequently launched a new strategy:

one: from November 29th onwards, a phone number can only provide a mobile phone lock service for a BaiduPay account.

second: in December 1st, Baidu has launched a low-key launch buy service, the event is only supported by BaiduPay account payment.


a little thought, we will find that these two initiatives Baidu is actually conjoined twins". First determine the user’s unique payment account, that is, gradually determine the user group. Come into a group purchase activities, competing with Taobao, group purchase market.

I think there are in addition to the intention to deepen the deepening of the influence of the third party payment BaiduPay, but also in order to e-commerce in this vast market to give yourself a cloth. Baidu is known to be the most influential search engine, and now, in the field of e-commerce will also open up a path of their own, do intend to expand their scope of the field. We don’t know how much ambition, but the third party payment is you Baidu, ah is your shopping platform Baidu, BaiduPay is the third party payment you Baidu Baidu, maybe in the future there will be a "hundred micro" with sina for micro-blog market. Of course, this is only the author’s imagination.

now, Baidu has ah in the above two measures, one more to protect the user’s payment account security, but also give consumers more right to choose a group purchase way. However, the current location of the group did not buy the service for the time being did not get more love to buy a lot of fans, the number of people involved in the purchase is not quite a lot.

is looking forward to seeing how Baidu has the next strategy and how much the current operation will affect its future.

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