Explore the market space of China’s B2B how much

for inter enterprise transactions services integrated or vertical B2B type of Internet service providers in the number has been large enough, the service providers such as Alibaba, Netsun, HC, and China mainone network, network, Tootoo global chamber of Commerce, global resources, business case, Chinese manufacturing and global manufacturing integrated third party the electronic commerce in the forefront of vertical sites as well as for machinery, hardware, building materials, chemical, clothing, textile and leather industries, the first echelon and the second echelon was crowded.

is the main domestic market of small and medium enterprises 42 million of the data generated by the temptation is too great, probably a lot of love into such accounts, if the enterprise can occupy 10%, then the number of customers will be 4 million 200 thousand, even 1%, there are 420 thousand, each company earns 1000 dollars, revenues could reach 4 hundred million. This is wishful thinking, the vast majority of people are wrong.

but the reality is that there are still a lot of investors to enter the field of B2B, but basically from e-commerce service providers such as Alibaba, HC basic type of body for inspiration, derived from benchmarking enterprises are platform and had not have significant differences in products and services, and then make money antecedents and tricks around go with the benchmark who came together, neither help for small and medium sized enterprises to help them earn money, no money.

said B2B has no space, if any, how much space, and the space in which direction? These problems, the author recently with practitioners who had many brainstorming, here records including one or two, for the sharing of research:

earnings speak, and now the direction of the B2B there are two, one is to make money now, one is to make money in the future.

for the first class, the money may not be much less space than the old routine is dead, too many people walking, but you can find the Blue Ocean from the division of industry, business focus,; class second, space is extremely large and have enough imagination, a new business model, business ideas and even methods also need enough funds out of the ordinary, but to support, or rely on other projects to ensure the future cash flow of money in the future to get a hand.

first class to earn cash, can be attributed to do industry website and third party B2B platform, for the electronic commerce software, if the sales force in place, even if the latecomers can earn some extra money, or to grab from the Alibaba, HC, global resources and other leading companies in the hands, or find a "blue ocean" and "blue ocean area;

second to earn money in the future, such as electronic procurement, network exchange a virtual trading service, B2B oriented network marketing and consulting services, video business, can the integration of B2B and B2C and DIY shopping experience.

in any case, the prospects of the vertical problems, people have seen, should take a road. However, in the direction of the lack of a lot of vertical direction of this ring, that is, to mature and

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