CCTV exposure and selling network CBC response the first time off the shelf

yesterday, CCTV launched the "315 special program" in action, the exposure of the ICBC financial e shopping mall selling fake pearls and jade pendants of the event, attention of consumers.

today, ICBC also quickly responded.


ICBC said it will attach great importance to the CCTV report on the problem of financial e shopping mall tenants suspected of false propaganda, the first time for the next frame processing of related products, and with the authority to conduct investigation and verification, if the case will be severely punished according to the provisions of the merchant, and instructed the merchant to customers timely compensation.

financial e shopping mall, is the electronic commerce platform ICBC officially opened in January 12, 2014, collection of digital home appliances, automotive, financial products, clothing shoes and hats, jewelry, gifts, food and beverage, transportation and tourism dozen major industries hundreds of well-known brands, nearly 10000 pieces of merchandise.

found in yesterday’s survey, melting e shopping mall 2390 yuan worth of jade pendant hand is "spread the goods, the Dragon camellia oil, is almost equal to anything, a very exaggerated,".

below is the full text of the company’s response to the bank:

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