How to increase trust in the network marketing

many enterprises usually encounter the same thing in the process of network marketing: for example, the customer intends to purchase payment and delivery but in the case of the enterprise trust have doubts, fear to delivery always occurs. So how do companies in the network marketing in order to prevent the occurrence of similar things, increase the level of trust in the enterprise?

1, enterprise website to leave a detailed and correct contact details

includes detailed address (the more detailed the better), office phone number, mobile phone number (do not be afraid of harassment), e-mail address, fax, etc.. Online consulting QQ (QQ user name, information is introduced to adjust the information for the enterprise, and select the high level of QQ, do not let people look at a star is not even)

2, company profile to write detailed

customers to confirm the degree of trust in the enterprise, the company will carefully check the profile information, including some qualifications. Introduction to enterprise of a few words that don’t get away, let the customer can fully understand the enterprise information, understand this business is real. In order to enhance the trust degree of the enterprise, we can also add the enterprise development course, the enterprise idea and so on.

3, fill in the relevant information to reflect the true face of the enterprise image information

pictures than text more to increase trust, increase enterprise location, factories and other pictures on the website, the most important thing is to add external or plaque where the office area. There is an independent office buildings as the best vision, the surrounding scenery or a little bit of some of the buildings into. If you want to show yourself on the Internet, it is a better choice. Of course, can not be virtual network picture, to be real, otherwise it will backfire, avoid The loss outweighs the gain.!


4, enterprise information release should be reasonable, and pay attention to update

there are a considerable number of enterprise web site will have the enterprise news this column, the reasonable use of enterprise information can increase the enterprise trust, and unreasonable use will take the opposite effect. The enterprise news content to regularly update the content of the report, some dynamic enterprises, inside the best equipped with pictures, illustrations more for your website to add energy, do not see the enterprise news was a few years ago of information. For a long time do not update the enterprise news do not use the news to add the date of the function, do not update their own do not let others see it out.

5, on the authority of the site to publish information or to establish a link

visitors to the enterprise trust often use search engines to view the relevant information. In order to increase the degree of trust in the enterprise, you can find the local or the same industry or familiar with the authority of the site to publish information or link. This is a very good suggestion.

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