Pat micro shop open soon mobile providers tend to center

October 13th, Jingdong group pat Network announced that, after a month of online operation, the mobile terminal micro shop – pat micro shop will soon officially oriented online pat all enterprises and individual businesses based on open.

said the vice president Pat network Song Yang received the twenty-first Century economic report interview, selected 5000 online pat pat micro shop opened businesses and complete the renovation operations, at the same time, pat Network will open all pat micro shop businesses to provide a unified WeChat payment function.

this is Jingdong’s business once again force the mobile terminal. Before, Jingdong mall and POP (open platform) has access to WeChat. It is reported that the focus on C2C business pat micro shop project began preparations in the days of the Tencent, was incorporated into the Jingdong suspended, and the restart means that pat micro shop is an important part of the pat Network force mobile strategy.

business school vice president Pei Dapeng said, to twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter earlier, more mobile business is at the exploratory stage, the current path more clearly, by way of the micro shop to the center of the development of mobile business has gradually become the industry consensus. It is understood that since last year, in addition to pat Network, a number of companies are also intensive launch of micro store products, such as WeChat store, a small amount of business and micro pocket shopping, etc..

many industry insiders interviewed said that the mobile Internet era, business model will change gradually to the center of the business model, namely the establishment of businesses and consumers to communicate directly, maintenance and trading channels, thereby reducing the cost of acquiring new customers, old customers back up rate.

full docking WeChat

Song Yang said that at present only shop at the PC end businesses can open micro shop, at the end of October, pat Network will be launched for the business of App, then, without a PC end can also store pat micro shop opened.

The so-called

micro shop, unlike App, which uses HTML5 technology to generate the shop page, businesses can upload the decoration shop, commodity information, and through social links and independent distribution of complete drainage combined with can be realized to deal. Relative to the traditional PC terminal mode and App more lightweight.

Song Yang said that the current micro pat shop in addition to order management, CRM (such as coupons, membership, integral), shop decoration, logistics inquiries, customer service service and other functions, also has the flow of PC interoperability, support a variety of convenient payment, including WeChat payments, reduce personal businesses open micro shop, WeChat and threshold hand Q Center entrance and drainage of low cost wireless terminal five major advantages.

According to the twenty-first Century

Economic Herald reporter, Jingdong and Tencent strategic partnership based on the future will be through the center of the entrance, WeChat mobile phone and QQ, provide the center in the two mobile client for pat micro shop solutions. It is reported that the end of October, mobile phone QQ will open up the two level entrance first pat, and combined with the Tencent social relations "

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