Analysis of the causes of the failure of traditional clothing enterprises E commerce

2010 is a year of vigorous development of e-commerce, iResearch consulting 2009~2010 China clothing online shopping Research Report shows that the dress has become the first category of online shopping products. In VANCL, Taobao and other online shopping platform driven by traditional clothing brands began to have net".

the next question is: how to build e-commerce team? How to coordinate the impact of online price system of channel price system under the line? The cost of e-commerce is not low, how money is "the most cost-effective way? In what mode into e-commerce? Etc. a series of problems such as the traditional enterprise boss broke our brains, which makes the traditional corporate bosses lack of confidence, will inevitably lead to electronic commerce road failure, this paper mainly analyzes the e-commerce business failures due to the traditional road.

traditional clothing business e-commerce is actually a diversified road. Traditional enterprises rely on their own design, production, sales of the mature system, in order to occupy a certain proportion in the field of e-commerce, in fact, there are many roads for us to choose:

1, its own brand of pure e-commerce model;

2, the brand new network direct sales model;

3, brand licensing model of e-commerce model;

4, special (stock) goods e-commerce model;

5, the e-commerce model of total goods;

so much why the traditional marketing mode, enterprises will enter the field of electronic commerce in the wall? According to my personal experience and understanding, I can put him up as the following three aspects:

first, we start from the enterprise itself:

first, the traditional enterprise e-commerce personnel selection errors

a lot of bosses do have the idea of e-commerce, and even planning, action has always been the boss can not find professional talent. In fact, is not really so scarce talent, but because of the personnel department of our enterprises and bosses lack the understanding of e-commerce, so in terms of selection only Pingganjiao, and do not want to spend hired senior personnel, can only ask a had done Taobao or Alibaba as electronic business operations personnel. When the enterprise boss gave them one or two months later, found their own e-commerce enterprises did not achieve the desired effect, they will lose confidence, or that e-commerce is deceptive, and frequent substitutions, leads to a vicious spiral, the boss believes that the employee ability not, employees do not know that the boss of electronic commerce.

second, lack of overall planning for e-commerce

many traditional enterprises including some mature brands have to encounter a lot of obstacles in the development of network market, the reason, most enterprise understanding of e-commerce is limited to open a Taobao shop, put a few things on it, just take it as a new sales channel or >

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