Pathfinder double eleven 1 hours sales amounted to 26 million 950 thousand


technology news November 11th afternoon, outdoor brand toread revealed today at 1:11 on November 11th, Pathfinder, Tmall flagship store ushered in the first peak sales, sales exceeded 26 million 950 thousand, ranking first on the outdoor category.

yesterday evening, Pathfinder company president Peng Xin invited Wang Feng as the star manager, sounded the double eleven midnight, then, Wang Feng served as customer service consumers answer.

Peng Xin said, 4 years toread double eleven in a single day sales rose straight up, fast growth rate: 2010 single day sales reached 800 thousand, in 2011 amounted to 3 million 400 thousand yuan, reached 23 million 600 thousand yuan in 2012, 2013 sales exceeded 77 million 490 thousand yuan

all day long

it is reported that the eleven Tmall flagship store on the same day specially set up a free single place to encourage people to get out of the 2022. Different periods of dual eleven day activities, Pathfinder Tmall official flagship store will have 2022 lucky consumers.

in addition, the eleven day of the same day, all consumers can get different grades of coupons, but also enjoy a single order of $599 gift of $199 thermal insulation kettle, full of $499 gift of $999 professional outdoor backpack. (


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