U S and European retailers to enter the mobile payment market

NetEase Francisco April 7th message, according to Reuters, the visa, MasterCard (Visa) (MasterCard) and credit card companies such as Google and high-tech companies, large retailers also push into mobile payment market, hoping to reduce transaction costs, and improve customer loyalty.

UK Tesco (Tesco) and faguooushang (Auchan) and other retailers are hoping their digital wallet Service — the application lets users through intelligent mobile phone, rather than cash or credit card payment, can bring about more comprehensive customer shopping habits data for them, so that they can have to the customer targeted advertising.

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mobile payment market competition gathered – banks, credit card companies and high-tech companies (such as Google, apple and so on) in the development of mobile payment services of their own, they hope that their applications can become the industry standard. EBay’s payment department PayPal, is also testing the technology.

retailers hope that through some measures to attract customers to use their mobile payment services, such as providing discounts and incentives to use the service to customers will pay and reward activities automatically and provide links, such as online store shopping lists and other functions.

according to market research firm Gartner data, is expected by 2017, the global mobile payment market will grow by 3 times the size of the transaction reached about $721 billion, while the user will exceed 45 million.

global mobile payment market growth may allow retailers to benefit, because with the increase of payment service providers, retailers bear transaction fees will drop — currently provide payment services enterprises are mainly banks and credit card companies such as visa, mastercard.

Morgan Stanley said: we believe that the overall business will benefit from the rise of mobile payments." The company estimates that in 2012, retailers in developed countries paid $150 billion in fees for credit card payments.

, a research report released in January this year, said: mobile payment technology to further increase investment, but from the expected return, these inputs are worth it."

however, it is unclear the mobile payment market retail areas will be how to develop, and even physical credit card becomes obsolete, credit card companies and banks still want to maintain their leading role in the payment service.

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retailer launched mobile payment is very difficult to start giving consumers, because consumers are not willing to use different services in different shops, but Starbucks mobile payment and promotion activities together, the initiative to obtain significant results, show that large retailers can also accomplish a great deal in this field.

retailers have launched mobile payment services

Starbucks is the world’s largest

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