CNNC fatal security vulnerabilities hackers can hijack nternet users note CN domain name

signed "hooliganism Ma" hacker message despise CNNIC"

NetEase Francisco April 16th news NetEase received users to provide information technology, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) server was hacked, signed "Ma" hacker message despise CNNIC rogue behavior ", science and technology NetEase noticed this is" Ma "after ASUS, Oriental bodyguard within 10 days of the invasion third web sites.

Internet security sources of NetEase technology said that the invasion of CNNIC by the server there should be some security vulnerabilities, hackers can CNNIC "hooliganism", to express their dissatisfaction with the intrusion. See also did not cause substantial harm to the great CNNIC from the current situation, it is estimated that the hacker will leave a "back door" in the invasion of the server, to provide a channel for re invasion and CNNIC server is likely to have been hackers complete control. If CNNIC can’t find and fill the loopholes, once the intruders launched a massive attack, the CNNIC server may face the risk of failure.

the source also revealed that CNNIC security vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers, some of the Internet users to register the domain name of the data submitted during the CN may be hijacked or change information. The greater the harm is, if the hacker intrusion Trojan on the CNNIC server, the installation of the CNNIC plug-in computer users will also become infected with a Trojan virus, hackers broiler. Fortunately, the hacker intrusion seems only to "export gas", and did not take practical action, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

analysis of the industry, CNNIC is now vigorously promoting the 1 million website opened Chinese.CN domain name, if the CN domain name can be hijacked by hackers at any time, no doubt greatly hit the Internet users, companies registered CN domain name enthusiasm.

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