The meaning of C2B

C2B is a kind of e-commerce model, that is, the consumer to the enterprise (customer to business). The first to be popular in the United States by the consumer to business (C2B) model may be a noteworthy attempt. The core of C2B model, through the polymerization of the large number of users to form a strong group purchasing, in order to change the user one bid B2C mode of the weak position, to enjoy to buy single commodities at wholesale prices of interest. At present, few domestic manufacturers really use this model.

is very innovative, if the initial user aggregation problems, is more successful. The previous mode is the same, the use of free polymerization etc.. But it is the first with an aggregate user unknown way, and then transferred to the C2B above, creative and challenging.

B2B, B2C, C2C, the difference between C2B services

B2B (Business to Business) refers to businesses and businesses to establish business relationship. For example, we can only buy Coca-Cola at McDonald’s because of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola’s business partners. Establish the relationship between the business partners of merchants is to form a complementary development opportunities through all the offer to everyone. Business can have profit. Example: Alibaba, hc.

B2C (Business to Consumer) is very often we see the suppliers to sell goods directly to the user. For example, you go to McDonald’s to eat is B2C, because you are just a client. Examples: Dangdang, excellence, Youket.

C2C (Customer to Consumer), the customer put their own things to the Internet to sell. Example: Taobao, pat, eBay

C2B (Customer to Business), this concept is relatively new, it is chosen by the customer himself to what, what is the price requested by the merchant and then to decide whether to accept the customer’s request. If the merchant accepts customer requirements, so the success of the transaction; if the merchant does not accept the requirements of customers, so that the transaction fails.

is mainly the difference between objects

B2B: inter enterprise EC

B2C: enterprise EC

for individual users

C2C: personal to personal EC

C2B: personal to business EC

with the development of e-commerce, people’s lives more and more critical. C2B meaning retail power is strong, in the Internet to see a number of information purchase alliance.

            1, through the Internet, we gather together

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