Jumei com for taking off the Yi Peng sunny run away the table full refund form

in the northern part of Hebei province Yanjiao Town, there is a "Hengchang Industrial Park", even the many local people are not very familiar with the names, but has recently appeared frequently on a number of media reports, the reason is to rent a business park under a warehouse, Yi Peng Sunny Trading Co. Ltd., was spread with a gun a wide range of adverse effects of fraud events, almost the entire electricity supplier industry China "pull water".

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, according to media reports in July 28th, Yi Peng sunny by forging brand authorization and declarations and other relevant documents, through electronic business platform selling fake brand-name clothing, watches, involving jumei.com, Jingdong, Chinese Amazon, shop No. 1, Gome online, the U.S. group and many other well-known business platform. After the scandal, jumei.com, Jingdong has issued a statement of apology, said off involving fake shops, unconditional return, and for serious rectification.

July 31st, when reporters came to rule the weekend Hengchang Industrial Park Yi Peng sunny former warehouse, there has long been empty — in addition to the three hall full of rubbish box lost outside, leaving the empty security room, and closed the door to the warehouse two.

react quickly:

even with goods overnight "foot"

Hengchang Industrial Park is located in the creative Valley Street Yanjiao Development Zone No. 849. In July 31st, when the reporter arrived here after noon, the sun was fierce, the park at the entrance of the gate of weeds, half open, do not see a person.

into the park, the reporter found that the rule of law over the weekend, the present and the common industrial park are very different: several enterprises within the park scattered open, almost only finished stacking without the production line, the entire park looks more like a large warehouse base.

fraud incident after exposure, some analysts said, Yi Peng sunny "settled" Hengchang Industrial Park, here is obvious advantages: not only the local low labor costs, cheap rent warehouse, and Yanjiao from downtown Beijing, but dozens of kilometers, transportation is very convenient. In the online ad Hengchang Industrial Park warehouse several, also said this is "the best location of the capital economic circle, from the Tiananmen square, the capital airport is 30 minutes by car distance".

I also read the news, know the fake brand-name companies, warehouse in our park! "Zhang Jian (a pseudonym) is within the park staff, he told reporters the weekend rule, Yi Peng sunny was stationed here for more than two months, but in July 28th the first reports of fraud out of this business together with the goods, the night" run away ".

Zhang Jian along the guide rule Weekend reporter in a row of buildings of the two floor, found Yi Peng sunny former warehouse location. The security room outside the warehouse has long been out of control

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