Business enterprise website 6 issues of introspection

Internet era, enterprises want to use electronic commerce to better improve work efficiency and marketing benefits, in order to get safe and sustainable development opportunities in the industry market competition, we must constantly self reflection, to continuous innovation and progress. Usually, the electricity supplier companies need self-examination of the problems are the following 6 aspects:

1, only concerned about the site traffic, but do not pay attention to quality.

traditional "heavy marketing, light marketing, heavy traffic, light turnover" applies only during the early stage of the development of China’s Internet, the network information resources has not now so many, a promotion can obtain good marketing income effect. But now, with the information explosion occurred frequently, network advertising, product oversupply and so on have enterprise network promotion and meet the eye everywhere, the cost of traffic has become increasingly high, and the effect is more and more small. Business enterprise website to talent shows itself in the vastness of the Internet in the ocean, concerned by people, we must strengthen the website itself and its products and services quality construction, improve the flow rate and deformation rate to attract. While loading the music website anchor website host, improve website affinity and marketing force, the website traffic all income is the best choice of prey.

2, only pay attention to new customers, but ignore the maintenance of old customers, do not know how to establish a customer CRM system, resulting in low customer turnover and conversion rate, customer sleep and loss phenomenon is more serious.

new customers important, old customer maintenance is more important. Studies have shown that the opportunities brought by old customers is at least 3 times more than new customers. Because older customers have more experience and feelings about your products and services than new customers, they are generally more likely to trust you more, and most of them will become your loyal customers and. So, for your site loading Le anchor site host, with a smile and professional service reality anchor business etiquette to the site of new and old visitors extreme browsing experience and respect, help new customers to quickly understand and obtain relevant information website, awesome old customers more fashionable and personalized network life, so as to improve the site the conversion rate and return rate. In addition, the establishment of the customer system, do a good job of customer management, marketing for enterprises will be twice the result with half the effort. We can also get the law of customer growth or loss from the effective management of customers, so as to effectively adjust the marketing strategy to reduce the phenomenon of customer sleep or loss.

3, the site can not find the target customers, can not be precise marketing.

life is full of opportunities, as long as you are good at discovering. Enterprise website home page as well as the main product page is the main entrance and the focus of attention of visitors. Therefore, we can be in the home and the main products and product web page load anchor anchor, let the professional endorsement for the corporate brand, for the enterprise website Denver, interaction design, supplemented by a visual effects and find everything fresh and new fashionable and convenient, so as to help enterprises to quickly selected customers and truly improve the precision and transformation of marketing attractive website the. "Good steel"

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