Six team three months profit four hundred thousand why is the ending up

wrote an article "a person yesterday, three months Kuangzhuan million articles in space is not what reaction, I also submitted to some website, before I write the details of the submission, with little success, is not the small grass root or feel too cliche?? instead, yesterday’s article was submitted by a review before writing this article, to glance at the comment, some people say. Good, some people say a joke only, some people say that model is worth learning, I was very happy Public opinions are divergent., in fact, although some say no comment but at least, I know that my style of writing than before, must rise, I think I used to write the log now, I have to immediately remove the impulse. Why? Write too bad, I couldn’t see……

today to write their own thing, just write, tell me what you look, if you think my word hard, you give me a comment or point of praise, of course, if you think this article is valuable to you, can you help me look forward, is the promotion, so I am satisfied.

early when I do Taobao customers, I realized it, the heroic age is coming to an end, why? Because, at the time that I know the network and the operation of the shellfish, personal monthly income of over one hundred thousand, two hands can count, the monthly income of over 10000 also dozens of a monthly income of less than one thousand, is the largest, it is also the case, a lot of people every day to advertise in the forum, day to earn one hundred thousand, two hours a day, thirty thousand month, a group of mice that Leng one Leng hu.

some people, he did not engage in training, do not circle to vanity, he every day doing nothing, see the tutorial, and then just go to do the promotion, Wangzhuan forums, QQ group, in which nonsense, how much money today? P a map made up, and then began following a group of mice worship, "Wow, so cattle X, ask!", "Wow, how do you do? Can you teach me?", "the boss, you teach me, make you half the money." In fact, those mice don’t know is that their idol is still buckle foot, eat instant noodles. Don’t ask me how I know this, I’ll tell you, I’ve been such a fool, X?

well, seems to pull a little far, or return to business.

before I realized the person do not, I want to do it has sprouted a team approach, then, nothing to start looking for offline friends to go, or those with training wet method, cut several chart, temptation, then write a diary. Unexpectedly, there are a large number of buddy looking for me, after my screening, five were left.

this five person, never touched it, there is no relevant work experience, so early I spent a lot of time to teach them to do traffic, in fact, what is really not much time is spent in explaining the. Every time I ask them to do something, I’ll explain why I did it. < >

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