Depth analysis of nternet Business Report

in the region’s economic ecosystem

in the outer suburbs, some industries rely on you a business is not sustainable development, must be in a certain number of enterprise (or individual) to "competition atmosphere dataichangxi". For example, in Beijing suburban areas (such as Pinggu) is not suitable for Internet business, computer assembly and maintenance business, which is due to traffic developed, passenger demand for small, low economic level, consumption ability and other factors. If you set up a Internet Co in the suburban areas, because of traffic inconvenience, economic backwardness and not easy for the Internet industry survey, record and research work, and will attract more investors and employment. If you engage in computer maintenance industry in suburban areas, because the electronic parts models, price update too fast and cause the backlog and loss, if demand the purchase will need to spend at least 1 days to solve customer problems. In the bustling city of Beijing, eight districts and suburban areas formed tens of thousands of Internet Co, electronic products store, and the huge traffic and demand, the formation of the corresponding business ecosystem. So, the merchants are selling clothes are gathered in the same street, manufacturing enterprises gathered in the industrial park is justified – they fancy the corresponding business environment.

don’t let sunk costs ruin your

the reason why entrepreneurs are still obsessed with the past business, because they have to pay the cost of human, too much equipment cost, time cost, physical cost and so on, these have to pay is the cost of "sunk cost". They are sunk costs, in order to prove their ability to continue, in order to continue to feel a sense of accomplishment, so the latter will continue to invest, so full of support to eat steamed buns". Perhaps the entrepreneurial business market is not how good, but they are repeated self deception, stubborn, sunk cost is irreversible, we must re-examine and make new choices. Einstein said: "always do the same thing, but always expect different results, this is called ‘insanity’." Adhere to adhere to, but the give up also want to give up, do not let the past to become the burden of your future.


sufficient funds to avoid premature death

must be prepared to do business enough funds. This is not nonsense! Make an enterprise (or individual), with 60 thousand yuan to run, just what will be, will do, can the normal operation in the short term, may also earn some money, but once a long time will be repeated exposure — problems heavy, management failure, poor effect, poor stability and so on therefore, only to spend money to buy materials and equipment, to repeat the introduction of talent, not even all the work "aborted"! If the enterprise (or individual), if the investment of 100 thousand yuan is very important to do — pay attention to high quality and high efficiency, low cost, low pollution, and pay attention to business credit customer experience is more and more good business results and robust. Do the funds can only build makeshift business, "

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