Foreign CPA 4 years how to share my monthly income of million dollars

Hello everyone I am little, 07 years in September to join the foreign Wangzhuan has been nearly four years of time, the recent global global forum found a little domestic domestic Wangzhuan project a lot of money most of dragons and fishes jumbled together, including opportunistic components, small today is intended to fit for everyone to talk can make you a monthly income of $20000 or even a thousand knives foreign Wangzhuan lead.

on some foreign Wangzhuan friends may not know much, you can go to some foreign Wangzhuan forum, can also go to little Wangzhuan blog: learning, boats will regularly publish the latest foreign CPA tutorial.

the most basic boats here is not to say, today I talk to you how to apply for a foreign League account, because recently some friends and boats said he even union account are not eligible for operation, lead task is out of the question. In fact, for the union account is not difficult, unless there is some good first-line or second-line alliance, common alliance, is relatively simple, here on how I was under the boats.

first build a good English station, be sure to look good, not good-looking, AM (Alliance manager) first glance will shoot you down. I don’t feel it at the first sight. I’ll talk about it later. So do stand must be able to get through, this is a very necessary premise, they will not be able to find the site can be found in the design of Taobao, you can also follow my blog to talk about the way to stop the station to achieve, simple and easy.

you are ready to apply for the union information (such as name, address, SSN and other information), ready for communication tools, mainly for mail and AIM. Then log on to the application of the Union website, the steps are filled in data, and then confirm the submission. Directly after the submission of the AIM through the exchange tool or mail to contact the League of AM, directly to its flicker.

why it is said to be fooled, because the United States and the United States is a discrimination against the people, you have to pretend to be a foreigner to do it, but also experienced foreigners cpa. The main process is to introduce themselves, to do their own experience of CPA, their website to write a detailed and unique point, in particular, how to promote the OFFER must write a bright spot. One of the most important points is that you have to prove that you are playing regularly.

As for the specific

is how to talk, some forum, some methods, but most of them are things of the past, the same sentence AM heard many times, he still believe? Boats are preparing a number of characteristics of the template according to their own experience, these templates are small fly according to their recent the application experience of alliance wrote, today for using this template alliance, tomorrow with another, so the application effect is very significant. I also save and record process and many affiliate manager AIM or e-mail dialogue, English is not too good also please do not worry, in fact, is some basic sentence, take the time to understand these sentences, then apply > I

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