A saliva play

      Guo Fansheng: B2B is a fly lying on the glass window, there is no bright future.

Ma Yun: do not let the Sheng in my nose jumping around, get rid of it!

Sun Deliang: Sheng willpower and fighting capacity are not easy to be defeated.

Author: Cao Zengguang, financial reporter

excuse me, I have the impression that Hangzhou has too much too thick cultural brand, although the town outside the city merchants, engage in e-commerce is still somewhat be inopportune or inappropriate. What’s more, play computer, stir fry concept, electronic commerce is flushed even at the expense of mutual recrimination, more suitable for the network to get together in Beijing.

however, the era of e-commerce are for the millennium city gives a new arena mission. The history of the development of electronic commerce in Hangzhou Chinese, neighbors and Alibaba Hi2000 is destined to be two around the past, and Ma and Sun Deliang were two and Freemasonry tit for tat heroes.

before 2007, Hi2000 is a low-key stalker, Alibaba with Ma Yun’s "big mouth" spread reputation at home and abroad. As Ma said at the time: take binoculars can not see competitors. But on 2007 the threshold, with the Hi2000 landing the domestic A stock market, and created the first Internet stocks myth, Hi2000 and Alibaba of the two bright and dark lines began to tilt and intertwined. The past has never come into sight next door neighbor, as if overnight in his nose grew into a big. Insiders say that the past Ma patronize the telescope, the results did not look at the eyelids.

tit for tat slobber war

in late July 9th 18 to 24, a paper fax letters from the Alibaba put Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang on the table: "one, Mr. Ma Yun never published a" can’t let Sheng in my nose jumping around, kill it! " The speech; two, Sheng hope do not listen to rumors, common to the media to clarify the facts."

always love with rival tit for tat Ma, for the first time in the two armies active concessions. After the media hype Ma "to kill Sun Deliang, Netsun" through the media quickly responded: "Sheng willpower and fighting capacity are not easy to be defeated." A war of words in the eyes of the city when the two companies to upgrade the game, eliminating misunderstanding is the best choice to quell the war.


event will cause the screen switches to Hi2000 hosted 2007 Chinese industry website investment and development forum. In June 27th, the "three party talks" were not expected to appear on the world trade center in Hangzhou. Alibaba, Guo Fansheng, Ma HC Hi2000 sun Deliang, it is expected that the three most controversial, often in the media busy playing characters, to meet in a debate, gunpowder.

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