Four important conditions for successful Taobao customers


passenger is still a lot of love, but also because some people freeze door events on the Taobao guest point Taobao customers whether or downhearted, some money effect, as long as they can make money or to attract numerous owners to join them, how can the real success of the Taobao customer? It should look at the five whether you have the following conditions


A: is there a promotional platform


customer is the most important propaganda platform, this platform has a website, blog or personal homepage, forum and so on, as long as it can let Taobao off the code to let others know that the platform can be, and this platform is often about whether you can succeed in Taobao site guest, here is the first choice, website it is the reality of life in the five star Menlian, nature can provide a comfortable shopping environment, but also can obtain more added value, of course, the five star front if only rely on the hardware to work hard and often fail to win results, more important is the soft service can reach five star standards for Taobao the guest website is that you are not good user experience

!Of course,

do some Taobao customers through the forum, at this time can not around you on the forum Taobao advertising, seems to be still disgusted, to release the appropriate Taobao advertising in the appropriate forums, so as not to let others feel disgusted, even feel that you provide good information to them! The same is true for


two: promotion

do Taobao is also need to promote the customer, and the promotion of a lot of ways, the following focuses on two types of promotion, one is pure advertising form, one is the form of recessive advertising!

pure advertising: such as Baidu promotion, advertising and other large NetEase website, and even advertising to the TV station, it can establish the customer’s brand Taobao, of course this shortcoming is also obviously, it is high cost, if the individual owners and is not recommended for


: This is the recessive advertisement the author advocates, can promote their Taobao customer code by way of writing soft to hidden, but also in Baidu know inquiry platform through the question answer he way to allow users to accept, not only low cost, but the income is quite considerable


three: website update

when you Taobao off site construction, and then put together to promote old life, but the site is consistent from beginning to end several promotional products, there is not the user’s desire to buy, as if that day the group purchase website, a group purchase goods, natural can not arouse the user’s enthusiasm, so regularly update the products on the website is a must, if this is not the case, then you are not a good Taobao


four: stick to

a lot of Taobao customers can not tolerate the high investment time, but can not make money, if there is a family of individual owners may also face more

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