An electricity supplier entrepreneurs ordinary way

note: This article from the WeChat public, "the bear" (micro signal: daxiongisabug), for the August 16th Business Forum speech transcripts bear Gong wenxiang.

one, do not go to business

first, entrepreneurial success itself a close call, belongs to a small probability event. Most of the start-up companies have great pressure to survive, no accident will affect the physical and mental health, family harmony, quality of life, friends and other important parts of life. So, I suggest you try not to start. Especially those in big companies how high wages and benefits are very good occupation managers.

for the rich, big companies often carry out business resources strong soldiers and sturdy horses, a year will be benefited in every way; the middle bottom of various TB and Outing the opportunity to go to Singapore Malaysia and Thailand, Australia, Europe, North America, the pinnacle of life feeling is just so so. But once you start a business, you will experience a sharp decline in income, or almost no, continue to work hard to force overtime, no weekends and holidays, work life to the bottom of the basic down. Coupled with the entrepreneur himself to micro-blog and WeChat is always unable to restrain the emotions in the circle of friends and other social media advertising spewing a variety of small, more concentrated chicken broth, friends less and less resources are becoming increasingly scarce. This is not a special case, but something that happens every day. So, to before the start, when the move slow.


, in particular, do not call the business sector entrepreneurship. Electricity supplier industry chain is too long, in accordance with the barrel theory on the board and too many barrels. Take for example my own to it, start the past two years, the morning opened his eyes, his mind is the supplier of deduction, sales ratio, sold out rate, discount ratio, depth of inventory, inventory turnover days…… Then wash up on the way to the company, will think category structure, marketing, advertising and promotion…… The company is immersed in a variety of reports, sales, each PO sold gross margin rate, SEM/CPC/CPS/ROI delivery summary…… While there are a number of incoming calls, put down the phone a look, have 12 noon. So, quickly take advantage of other people’s lunch time to read and reply to all the mail, to understand the progress of the product technology, so something needs to coordinate certain departments, etc……. Afternoon, there will usually be a number of visits and visits, several meetings have to go to the warehouse to call the person in charge of the day, asked the daily operations of warehousing and order processing, there is no abnormal return feedback…… Finally, another eye to the 8~9 point in the evening, and then start a round of various mail and OA approval. Usually, I will drink water, smoke a cigarette at this time, and then give my wife a phone call greetings (because the link is often inserted into other things, so the family harmony coefficient fluctuated greatly).

in fact, I also did not say, but also need to regularly go to the customer service department to user feedback, together with the company’s HR and administration within the company’s corporate culture and values as well as employee care, plus the regular report back to investors with investors a variety of communication and coordination, and various administrative and national strength >

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