The 19 year old entrepreneur latent AOL two months eat for free

Eric · in order to start a business in, AOL lurking in February.

every night, Simmons sleeps on the couch.

              Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on May 25th, a 19 year old Chicago young entrepreneurs who participated in the AOL K12 incubator project, still in the company of "latent" for two months, enjoy free food and drink fitness, as well as a variety of office facilities.

the name of Eric · (Eric Simons) entrepreneurs to participate in the AOL K12 business incubator project. After the project, the other participants have left, and Simmons chose to stay". The K12 project will get a card, but after the end of the project, Simmons found that the cards can continue to use, and completely live in the headquarters of AOL, the reason is: "I can’t afford to live in other places, can only rely on the AOL headquarters."

although AOL security patrols every day, but Simmons lived in AOL for two months without being found, mainly rely on the cover of the three sofas. His daily routine is as follows: work until midnight or even later, about 2 in the morning to sleep on one of the sofa. Get up before 7 or 8 in the morning, get up before you go to work, go to the gym downstairs and do a little exercise, then cool down, and then go back upstairs with a cereal and water (or coke) for a breakfast. So began the day’s work, until all the people after work, go back to sleep on the sofa.

"I’ve developed a good work ethic," he says. "I’m good, because I have to work every morning."

but most of all, he spent almost two months without a penny. The first month, he spent only 30 dollars, occasionally go out to eat a meal at McDonald’s (micro-blog), or other food Hand-Pulled Noodle. But he added: "I could have spent a penny, but I was crazy." On Thanksgiving Day, he went out for a while.

also, as Simmons free access to the gym, so he took a change of clothes in the closet in the gym. "I only need about 5 or 10 T-shirts, 1 pairs of jeans and a pair of shorts," he said. "I can put them in a closet." "1.". In addition, they also have self-service laundry, where I can wash clothes."

but in the end, he was caught by security guards and rushed out, it was 6 in the morning. In that matter, email and mobile AOL senior vice president David · (David Temkin); Temkin said: "we always want to use Palo Orr Tor’s headquarters for entrepreneurs to provide help, but did not expect so well." (Si Yuan)

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