Do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan insist to expose the domestic situation

in "Xunzi said: · encouraging learning" does not accumulate the trickle to into a river; a short step, resulting in thousands of miles. This sentence, I think everyone for having heard it many times. I think, whether in life or in the network to make money, we should think about this sentence, as well as the extension of the meaning of this sentence. Money is accumulated, I can not comment on this, we can consider……

Is it true to make money on


network to make money, say it like it’s a magical way, a kind of advertising behavior is actually advertising network era, simply for advertisers to promote their sites, or sell their products and services, due to his own promotion Co., have to pay people to help them see advertising, promotion. And each of us can look at his friends to help him promote advertising, so as to get his advertising remuneration. This is the network to make money.

a lot of people have a bias that the network to make money is false, is deceptive. This is very wrong. In fact, in foreign countries, people spend money to see advertising is the most common thing, but to make money online through the Internet to see advertising. Of course there are many liars in the world, the network world more, but not because of the existence of these crooks to completely negate the network advertising to make money in this area, in fact, every day there are tens of thousands of users, including many of the China users get advertisers paid a lot of money through their own efforts, to know that we make is real the $


I do Wangzhuan, only make a point on the views of domestic Wangzhuan

domestic Wangzhuan can be divided into the following two categories of

a. Technical

if you have certain aspects of professional skills, you can make money through this technology, such as

1 you are learning to design, you can receive a design task;

Do you know

2, you can make money by helping others to do

you 3 good literary talent, you can help others plan to promote the

4 for the promotion of goods to obtain Commission, such as the Taobao.

. Similar to the Amoy shopping guide

5 through the establishment of site advertising to make money

understand the basic knowledge of web server space and so on, the first few months only input, no gain, but insisted on, back on the road is wide, can go to apply for advertising, such as Baidu, GGAD and so on, do not give others website to earn money.

, however, many people do, can make money but not much. Often see some people do the site is very beautiful, and it looks very rich content, the site hung a GG, only a few dollars a month to earn. These people are stuck in a dead end.

site to make money by traffic, traffic from where the general small Adsense, of course, by Baidu and >

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