Tianjiao advertising alliance to join the Chinese network launched Operation booking service

Chinese network myopia by integrating own resources, to guide the new surgical technique for treatment of myopia, myopia excimer surgery popularization principle and related knowledge, has helped Chinese three hundred million myopia patients to clearly understand the principle of prevention or treatment of myopia, myopia and myopia disease; Chinese network throughout the country to provide information for the treatment of myopia institutions need to do myopia surgery the user, to provide convenient and safe operation arrangement, and the value of 200-1000 yuan preferential operation.

Chinese network is medical cosmetic plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery professional consulting website, including the eyelid surgery, plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, chest surgery, liposuction slimming, laser skin and other columns. Committed to China cosmetic surgery network become the cosmetic industry Chinese Internet leader, dedicated to the global Chinese service.

through the "China net" brand promotion, advertising alliance to Tianjiao DEDECATES launched 7 yuan of China CPA online booking advertising, so that patients and the hospital exchange becomes efficient and rigorous, and forming a virtuous cycle of win-win situation website, hospitals and patients.

advertising if there is any doubt in the process, please contact Tianjiao (Www.Uniontj.Net) customer service contact


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